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  1. Engine stall & ETC light issue RESOLVED

    I had seen so many posts with symptoms similar to what my car had, I did not know if they all might be related issues. I hope this information helps someone else diagnose their issue.
  2. Engine stall & ETC light issue RESOLVED

    Picture of connector wire attached. i don't have a picture of the location in the engine but it is under the intake in the valley between the heads. Remove the air filter box for ease of access. it is about 6" under the intake and is pointed straight out making it accessible if you have small enough hands. You can get a replacement wire harness from Mopar for $50 to $60 but you will have to remove the intake and oil cooler in order to replace all the wires, as the harness connects to the oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, and the 2 knock sensors. i just purchased a replacement connector pigtail from NAPA who had it in stock (O'Reileys could order it, but Auto Zone and Advanced could not get it) and replaced the end. The bad thing about this connector going bad was the oil pressure display worked just fine and no codes were being thrown related to oil pressure sensor.
  3. Hello all. I have had an issue with my 2015 SXT with the 3.6L stalling and ECT putting the car into limp mode. The first time it showed up we were in the drive through at a McD. The car suddenly died and CEL, ECT, and Traction lights were on. When tried to restart it took longer than normal to start up. Also found out the battery was on its last legs. Replaced battery and drove it home with no issues. So I thought it may have been the battery. Also I put a code reader on it and there were 12 codes. Due to the dead battery I cleared them figuring they were related to the battery. About a week later, the ECT light returns but the car does not stall, and the car is in limp mode. Codes were p0642, one for gas pedal sensor correlation, and one for TPS correlation (I forget the number) Replace the gas pedal, and drive it home. Another week later the ECT light returned (again no stalling), so I drive it home in limp mode to troubleshoot. The codes were p0642 and TPS correlation. Since p0642 is sensor circuit reference voltage, I start checking voltage at all sensors on that circuit. When I get to the oil pressure sensor connector, I notice the 5v reference wire insulation has cracked and the wire had started to fray at the connector due to the sharp angle the connector wire was installed in. When I wiggle the wire with the car running, it stalls and the three dash light return. So I replaced the connector and all has been well so far (it has been 12 days without issue) Hope that helps anyone with similar issues.
  4. ABS light

    Further updates to this issue. The ABS and ESC come on faithfully every time the car is started. A minute or so after moving the car, the brake light comes on as well. I now have a Creader so I can check codes and ABS stream, and now the front two wheel speed sensors do not read. Codes that come back each time after they are cleared after each trip are C0031-62 and C0034-62 both are for FL/FR wheel sensors signal compare failure. The wheel speed calibration still shows as failed and now the setting that reads vehicle speed in the ABS module stays at zero... not sure if that is related to the wheel speed sensors, however there are no DTC set for vehicle speed sensor.
  5. ABS light

    Hello, The ABS light comes and goes on our 2015 Journey 2wd. Occasionally the red brake light is on as well. Checked brake fluid which is full. Not the parking brake either. Had a friend Hook an OBD scanner (not sure which kind) All 4 speed sensors were reading but it indicated to check the front right tone ring. Also failed speed sensor calibration check. My research indicates that it is part of the bearing hub. Can someone Please confirm? Or have any thoughts? Thanks for the information.
  6. nnngn_zero

  7. Transmission Shifting

    Kori, There is no need to worry about the service advisor/tech not being able to observe the condition. It does it every single time. I have not been officially told by the dealer "this is normal for these transmissions and there is nothing wrong with it" I will drive it a while to see if it can re-learn how to shift properly, but I plan on taking it back.
  8. Transmission Shifting

    Took it to the dealer already for this, and they flashed the PCM, replaced the torque converter, and did a shift kit (?) No change in the way it shifts.
  9. Transmission Shifting

    Hello All! At the end of April we just purchased my first Dodge ever, a 2015 DJ SXT at 15000 (now at 19k) miles with the 3.6L and 6 speed and so far I have been very impressed with this vehicle. Unfortunately I have not been too impressed by how the transmission shifts. It seems to take forever for 4th gear to fully engage, and when it does the car shudders a little. Also when shifting from 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th the RPM's on the tach increase by approximately 500. It is enough to hear the engine speed up, almost like keeping slight pressure on the throttle when pushing in the clutch (if it was a manual). My in-laws own a 2015 Chrysler T&C with the 3.6L and 6 speed, and the other day I was able to drive it and noticed that vehicle did something similar as my DJ when shifting into 4th and the slight increase in RPM's when shifting from 4th to 5th (did not notice it in 5th to 6th). I have never driven another vehicle that shifted like this one, and wondered if it is a "feature" of this transmission or do I have problems brewing? Looking forward to hearing from the community!