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  1. Repair manual for 2016 RT

    Yeah that seemed to be what I found in my searches and reading the older forum posts. I was just hoping someone had found something worth spending a little money on
  2. Has anyone found a good service/repair manual for the 2016 DJ? I see that Chiltons has an online version only. Anyone using that? How is it? I have also seen others ranging in price from a few bucks to over $200 for the “Chrysler service manual”. Are the manuals for the earlier years with the 3.6 good enough to get me by?What do you use? Any input on something that would be good for basic repair and maintenance would be appreciated.
  3. 2016 RT AWD brake thickness

    They said the rotors didn't look bad, but I was just amazed at the amount of pad left when he told me the measurements. Pads seem to be wearing evenly and I can deal with a little pulsation for a while. Still no problems braking I just thought it would be getting close to the pads being no good by now. And yes, 65k is a lot. I drive a little under 1k miles per week for work (a bit less in the summer).
  4. Hi all, Ive been experiencing some pulsating while braking recently in my 2016 RT AWD (65000 miles) and decided to go have my local shop take a look. They told me fronts were 8/32 and rear were 6/32. Does anyone know the thickness of the brand new OEM pads? This seems like basically no wear on the pads for 65k miles to me
  5. CameraGuy

  6. Most vehicle repairs (brakes, tune up, belts, basic mechanical, etc) I do myself. Sure a lifetime warranty would have been nice, and probably "well advised", but being that I usually get a new vehicle every 4-5 years was not worth the extra thousands it cost for me. I will certainly put a little more thought into that decision next time though
  7. Sure, I can download pirated software, hack into the system to "resuscitate" it, but should I have to? I'm not going to bother having a service department replace the unit with one that will do exactly the same thing another year down the road, and I'm certainly not going to pay for them to do it. The unit should not have issues like this, this regularly. After the first year or two of them not being able to figure out why it has the issue, it should have been scrapped and redesigned, yet here I am driving the 6th model year with this unit and it still has the same issues. It is a very big inconvenience for me. I am thankful for the gps on my phone since I drive about 1000 miles a week all over the mid Atlantic region doing assignment based work. But....Shame on me for wanting a navigation feature I paid for in a brand new vehicle to function properly for more than a year...Chrysler should just keep putting this piece of junk in vehicles, charging customers for it, and not doing anything to fix the problem for good...
  8. Hi all. I am considering adding a lockpick to my 8.4N RB5 (2016 RT). I noticed that they list the c8/c8 pro as being compatible with 2011-2015 DJs and was wondering if anyone with a '16 is running one? I assume it will work since I believe the 8.4 is the same as the previous years but want to make sure before ordering. Thanks for any input
  9. 2010 Journey has a ticking sound

    In one of your earlier replies you mentioned it had not always made the sound. If that's the case, I would not accept "it's normal" as an answer from my service department. If they tell you that again I recommend taking it to another shop for a second opinion. I have thrown rods in a car before. They get louder with higher engine speed. That is most certainly NOT the only thing it could be, it's just what came to mind from how you described the issue. It could easily be any number of other things...pulleys, belts, etc move faster as rpm increases. Don't stress about what it is and how much it will cost to fix yet, the first step is to have it properly diagnosed.
  10. Sure it worked ok for a while...it had some nice features, and some that were annoying (complete stop to enter addresses)...but now it completely useless to me with at least 2-3 years before I even think about looking for a new vehicle. The problem I have with mine failing is that I see a clear trend that has been well documented on the net for years yet there is no fix, if it was just mine and maybe a few here and there over the years then you could chalk it up to a bad unit. I guarantee that for every one person who complains about it online there are at least a dozen more that don't, and It's not just DJs that's have the issues. I'm sure Chrysler has some record of how many have come into their dealerships service departments with this problem and if we saw the true numbers we would all be screaming about it. Dart, patriot and several other Chrysler owner forums have similar threads, all with an eerily similar lack of a cure for the problem. The RB5 is not available in all Chrysler vehicles, but it does appear to fail in everyone that it is....
  11. 2010 Journey has a ticking sound

    That's good. You hadn't specified so i just wanted to make sure. The 3.5 did make a light, almost muffled ticking/tapping noise that was always there, but it did not get louder at higher Rpm. Have you noticed any loss of power since the noise started? It's possible you may have thrown a rod. That would be a tapping that would be more noticeable at higher rpm. A good service department can easily diagnose this with a listening tool that is kind of like a doctor's stethoscope. Hopefully that is not the issue, as the usual course of action is either to completely rebuild or replace the engine
  12. 2010 Journey has a ticking sound

    Did you check the oil recently? The 3.5 was notorious for burning oil. It's one of the many reasons they scrapped it for the 3.6. If you haven't checked the oil in a month I strongly urge you to do so again!
  13. The navigation has been rendered useless. I never said anything about the entire system. Frankly, after one night of internet searches I find it alarming that there never has been a class action lawsuit about this issue. No I did not pay $3000 for the system, however My understanding is the out of pocket cost for parts and labor to replace the entire unit is in that ballpark. I'm not sure what the NHTSA is, but a class action law suit would get a lot of people some money back that they spent replacing faulty units with "refurbished" faulty units (some have had this issue about once a year for several years). In addition to those people getting some of their hard earned dollars back, the lawsuit would also encourage Chrysler to stop putting faulty equipment with well documented issues in their vehicles year after year only to earn more profit on recycling that same "refurbished" garbage over and over again into the same vehicles causing the same issues that they had before they were "refurbished". Yes I'm mad that my navigation stopped working, yes I want it fixed, but I would rather see Chrysler fix the issue for good and that is my point about a lawsuit. It is completely unacceptable for the equipment to fail as regularly and as early as it does. Chrysler should be ashamed of themselves for allowing something like that to happen for what is it now? 7 model years in a row? My guess is soon we will hear from those with 2017 models on this post as well.... hey "dodge cares" where you at? Care to chime in on this topic again now???
  14. 2010 Journey has a ticking sound

    I had a 300 with the 3.5. When I heard that sound I knew it was time to add a quart. That was usually every few thousand miles so my guess is they put in five instead of the required six quarts of oil. Check with dipstick to avoid adding too much ps the 3.5 most certainly does have a timing belt. Manufacturer recommends replacing every 100k miles and runs roughly $1000 at the dealership
  15. It does not work as advertised and no, I'm sorry, but I have NEVER owned a computer that was rendered useless on an annual basis due to a known issue that has not been corrected for years and affects every platform of the manufacturers product line with that feature....nor have I ever paid $3000+ for a computer