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  1. Need help bad

    To test a bad coil I would switch that 5th back one with another and see if the misfire moves to another cylinder. Check the spark plug too but if you are changing the spark plugs why not change all of them.
  2. Need help bad

    It would be the back right one drivers side.
  3. Emblem Delete easy DYI

    I should of made a video my method took mins what your describing I have experience doing that on my g35 was not fun and took for ever. That is why made this post to let others know the easiest most effective method. For example if you have side moldings you would not want to use your finger nails or bumper sticker remover that would take forever.
  4. So I decided to delete some of the emblems for a cleaner look in my opinion your entitled to yours. Anyways you'll need fishing wire I used a 12lb-tug nothing fancy and a decal eraser purchased from Amazon for 11 dollars and a hairdryer( is what I had on hand) or heat gun and finally a power drill. 1. Heat the emblem you want to delete use fishing wire to get behind it and pull through 2. Use the rubber decal eraser pad on a power drill and be amazed of how easily it removes it. It took me about 2 mins to remove the residue from the emblems. Pictures speak for themselves good luck no polishing was done after I used the eraser I didn't see a need.
  5. Home link garage door opener

    Thanks for the info bramfrank I'll definitely look into it and report back in my findings. And what you said makes sense I do know that the Homelink uses direct power from the cars battery so only issue would be making sure the wires or plugs are the same or spliced.
  6. Hello My question is my journey did not come with the drivers side visor with homelink capability(pg.78 owners manual). I was wondering if I were to purchase a oem Journey visor with homelink integrated would it work on mine? like plug n play or would there be some necessary splicing or dealer programming to have it work completely. Yes I have a garage door opener remote, but would be nice to just have it integrated. Some input would be nice. My 2015 Journey is 8.4 unconnect 3.6L SXT trim model just in case it matters. Thanks in advance for some input.
  7. Rattling in rear by exhaust

    Yes i had this happen only difference was that I have after market mufflers. One of my hangers was cracked and needed to be reweld. It even made noise when closing the door. The shop I took it to added two hangers instead of one on each side.
  8. Eduardo831

  9. Engine shutting off while in operation

    If it's only stalling when in drive position I would think the culprit would be the crankshaft sensor. When they are going bad if slightly tapped they will cause the vehicle to shut off while driving
  10. Cross Bars

    On eBay they have genuine crossbars for 135 not sure if that's cheaper than Amazon just letting you know
  11. 2009 dodge journey misfiring

    I agree with dusty my friends 2.4L Avenger was misfiring replaced his crankshaft sensor no change then changed his sparkplugs and notice one of his coil pack boots was torn and old, so he replaced all 4 boots and car ran fine after. Boots are inexpensive like 15-20 dollars for the whole set.
  12. Coolant question

    Good to hear I know rippperformance sells a thermostat that will open at 180 degrees if your trying to keep your 3.6L block cooler just letting you know.
  13. Coolant question

    Don't quote me on this but from my understanding the ecu will always turn the cooling fans on when temperature gauge reaches its normal operating temperature.
  14. Squeaking noise rear end

    Left is the drivers side right will always be passenger side. Any vehicle parts are labeled by the drivers side point of view looking out the front windshield.