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  1. Custom exhaust question.

    So basically you want to do a custom exhaust like this? I did this when I first got it. Sounds nice start up and take off. As far as actual hp gains I cannot confirm but the wife and I like it so that’s good enough for me. Mufflers 30 each and labor was $50 total custom cost $120. Good luck in what you are looking for I provide pics of my set up. 4 inch slant burnt tip mufflers don’t remember the brand sorry.
  2. Swap an engine? The pentastar 3.6l has plenty of power the way it is but if your lookin good speed or power I suggest upgrading to a Durango or Ram truck or a completely different brand car.
  3. Intake resonator delete

    Nice but reading that forum he spent 200 dollars to make it????? Why not just buy it from rpmmotorsports for 200 dollars in that case. Anyways I stand by my statements no gains besides noise but very aesthetically pleasing. Good luck on your mod.
  4. Intake resonator delete

    Like I mentioned before no gains besides noise so hope you don’t mind loosing the 200 dollars like I did. My intake resonator is still on though looks good under the hood.
  5. Journey R/T Custom Exhaust

    I live in California you can remove anything you want as long as your catalytic convertors are left in place hence the name catback exhaust systems. So if you want a straight pipe after your catalytic convertor its fine smog will pass besides you'll know its legal because no licensed shop will remove your catalytic convertor since it is illegal for them to do so if they arn't replacing them.
  6. Jouney Overheating

    I’m confused so your heater hose failed and I’m assuming you kept driving your vehicle causing it to overheat and warp the block? I’m not being mean but this goes for anybody as soon as your car is overheating pull off and turn off your car. It’s not your fault that the part prematurely failed, but since you continued to drive it overheating it the manufacturer sees this as your fault.
  7. Update my retrofit

    He no longer has the vehicle and is not an active member anymore unfortunately.
  8. Fuel type ///mpg

    I agree with jkeaton 19-20 is my average 3.6l v6. (Heavy on the foot too traffic isn’t heavy though). And I get the full 500mile claim going to Vegas. (Reg 87 fuel ⛽️)
  9. Jouney Overheating

    Was a compression test done most popular overheating issues with these journeys is blown head gasket worst case or melted freeze plugs. Good luck and please post results this is what forums are for.
  10. Dodge Journey no start

    If you think it's the starter I would remove it test it at your local auto parts store if it's in working condition. Then I would probably proceed to the dealer just depends how mechanically inclined you are. But I would read the more on this forum many claim it's a sensor issue for the 2009 Journey not starting up. For example, something like putting the car on neutral then being able to start it up I think I read(2009 Journey year.)
  11. Dodge Journey no start

    Well just didn't research on your issue and the fix "When your car will not start, turn it on, push your break in, and put the gear in neutral. Once it is in neutral, start your car. This should allow your car to start. If it starts, then you know that the problem is for sure the neutral safety switch. The neutral safety switch is not a very expense part.Anywhere around 20-60 Dollars. In most models, they have the neutral safety switch in the transmission."
  12. Dodge Journey no start

    That's just unreal , but in your shoes I would take it to an independent shop. It's just odd that they cannot detect the problem in my Journey the no start issue it was a dead premature fail fuel pump. Yes it was expensive to replace would of done it myself, but couldn't because I didn't have the space/authority to do so at my old place.
  13. Dodge Journey no start

    Are you saying that your Dodge Dealer has no idea why it's not starting? Or have you been diagnosing it on your own?
  14. Overheating

    My money is your head gasket is blown seems to be a common issue others have posted on this overheating and their result was gasket blew. Good luck and please post results.
  15. no airintake replacements?

    So this intake resonator delete kit is by RPM-Motorsports I say its overpriced but still bought it $199 it has stock air box and drop in K&N filter btw. Is it louder cant say I have an aftermaret exhaust, but throttle body response is noticeable. Also Top Plenum has to be removed as seen in the pics since tube is one piece you risk scratching the tube or tearing a cable.