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Found 10 results

  1. I have a 2011 Dodge journey Lux and i am needing to know where the Thermostat location is. also needing to know if i got the right thermostat as this one looks a little weird. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. So, I have always had a USB stick in the console, and played music off of it since 2014. I use the far right button, and dial, below the A/C controls for navigation. All songs on the USB drive have always worked/played, using the "Folder" search option it that automatically goes to when you press the far right button control below the A/C control. Well, a couple of weeks ago, about half of the folders when selected, may just play a single song, and it may not even be the song that gets selected. Also, when you turn the knob, it stays within that same folder, or just plays that specific song over and over again. It used to loop through to the next folder, and you could go through the entire USB stick with the knob. This is getting frustrating. No settings that I have messed with, have nade any difference in this issue. Anybody else had any similar experience?
  3. Just installed the trailer hitch (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QMF1HCW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) on my new-to-me dodge journey. Install took me, and my Dad, and about 2 hours of actual hands-on work. It would have taken less if there wasn't a mountain of sand in hollow frame that I needed to clear away. All in all, I'm impressed. It was inexpensive, and fairly east to install, even with just a floor jack, and basic tools. Appearance-wise, It doesn't stick out farther than the rear bumper, and is above the mufflers, meaning it's discrete, but also not totally hidden. I'd recommend this to anyone.
  4. Jouney Overheating

    I have Jouney 2011 is overheating only when it is in high rotation, the thermostatic valve has been removed and replaced the water pump and it still keeps heating, the fan is normally turning on. Has anyone had this problem?
  5. Hello Everyone, I have a 2011 Journey crew The remote start never gave me trouble in the past but recently it has not been nice. From past 10 days, when I start the car with the remote start in the morning, it doesn't start, the horn honk one time, and the EVIC gives me the message "remote start disabled - start vehicle to reset". Then, when I sit in the car and start it, it works for fine for a couple of hours. My job is about 20 minutes away. When I am done work (After 10ish hours) the remote start won't work, car will sound the horn once and the same message will display. When I get back home turn off the car and then try starting it with remote start, it works fine. There was the engine light on but it went away after replacing the spark plugs but the car continues to have the same problem. *I double checked the trunk, doors, and hood to rule out whether them not being completely shit was the problem but that did not change anything. * I did started using the second FOB from last month because I didn't use it for quite some time (I do not know if this has something to do with the problem). The car locks and unlocks with the FOB just fine. I am not sure what to do... any help, suggestions, or thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. We just recently bought a 2011 Dodge Journey SXT. I took the vehicle to have a hitch mounted, wiring harness installed, and brake controller put in. The shop was able to do the hitch and wiring harness, but had to quit on the brake controller. From what I understand, the level of the wiring is too low due to the LED Brake lights. I tried a local RV dealer thinking they would of had similar issues, but they are also at a roadblock. Seems Chrysler isn't helping much. Has anyone had success in installing a Brake Controller in a Dodge Journey (with LED lights), and if so, can you please share how it was done. Our trailer is in storage, and pretty soon I need to get it out.... and I don't want to attempt that w/o the trailer brakes obviously! Coke
  7. Transmission Issue

    I purchased a 2011 Journey Lux used this summer. ~40,000 miles. This afternoon, when I went to pick my daughter from Daycare, about a block or two into my drive as I stopped at an intersection the car started shaking. It continued for a moment then appeared fine, until I tried backing up. The shaking returned. I drove home in manual mode, 2nd gear the transmission sounded fine, but in 3rd and 4th gears had some shaking and the noises return. This is the first cold day of the year, but not artic cold. Mid-20s - Mid 30s. Does the Powertrain Warranty transfer if you purchase a car used? This is the first time I've owned a newer model car / miles. Any suggestions, advice from the community would sure be apprecaited.
  8. I've seen a lot of info out here about brakes and rotors on the Journeys. I have a 2011 Journey with 33,000 miles on it and was just told that it needs new brakes and rotors all around. They tell me it is NOT under warranty, that it is a normal wear-and-tear item. This just doesn't sound right to me, and I'm not sure who to talk to or what to say . . . . Anyone out there have an opinion on this? Should it be covered under warranty? They are asking me to pay $863 to get it fixed.
  9. This is my first post to this forum and I hope that it can help someone out there. Here is my recent experience with switching out the factory fog light bulbs with LED bulbs. Driver side bulb switched to LED and passenger side still stock. The LED bulbs that I bought can be found here: http://www.amazon.co...fb_lfb_prodpg_0 The stock bulbs are removed by grabbing the plug for the bulb, pressing firmly down on the tab to release and carefully pulling straight back. Then grab the bulb by pressing both tabs on either side to release and carefully pulling straight back to remove the bulb from the housing. The bulbs that I got need some modification to fit the housing. The above image shows both sides of the new LED bulbs, one of the old bulbs and the housing. Carefully using a sharp knife or razor shave off the single tab on one side of the bulb and the thick tab on the other side. You should compare the stock and replacement bulb to see if yours require the same modifications. The bulb showing the large tab on right in picture that is to be shaved off (sorry the picture is a little blurry) The bulb after the large tab is shaved off (again sorry for the blurriness) The bulbs should then fit in to the housing and just need a firm press to latch into place. The plug then needs a firm press to fit into the bulb. The plug can only fit into the bulb one way so don't force it in, only a firm press should get it to fit correctly. The bulbs came from the supplier slightly imperfect. One bulb had a clip broken off and the other had a bubble in the glass over the main forward facing LED. The broken clip is no big deal it is just going to be annoying if/when I need to remove that bulb. The bubble in the glass does't seem to affect the output, yet. I will be taking a closer look in the near future to see if it might affect the light pattern. The new LED bulbs have a much larger and round pattern from what I can tell so far. When I removed the stock bulbs the pattern was wide and flat. I am going to adjust the aim down due to the larger round pattern that the bulbs have to try and prevent any dazzling that they may cause for other drivers on the road. The light color is really nice and is comparable to 4300k from the information I can find online. Before After I do not have any problems with heat or melting as I have read some people have had when switching out for LED bulbs.
  10. The latest addition to my Journey was a Yakima system and a Skybox for it. I opted for the "Rail Grab" system and the traditional round bars (48"). Those will give me the most flexibility, I think, for adding more things in the future. To haul cargo, I bought a "Skybox 16s"...16 cu. ft box that latches on the rails. The box locks, and opens on either side. I also like how the Rail Grabbers lock, too. Road trip coming up - I'll let you guys know how it works!