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  1. Those five little push pins...

    Has anybody used something else to attach the grill besides those five little pushpins (item 3), they look like they’re easy to break, is there any special tool or technique to remove them without damaging them? trying to find a video here on this forum could not find it.
  2. In situations like this the fact of getting a diagnostic is the most practical answer as outlined in all the responses on this post, and in some of the most toughest of times I have had to simply swap out something like a transmission rather than tool around with it. My daughter has a land rover discovery where the trans simply stopped functioning. I told her it was not worth fixing due to the age of the truck and the expense. My daughter, found a land rover junkyard nearby and purchased a used trans from the junkyard and had them install it, it has been running ever since, for nearly 2 years. It was not a rebuilt trans but simply a transmission out of a wrecked Land Rover. Total $750.00. I am certainly positive that a journey trans is far less expensive then a land rover trans. I am sorry to read that this matter occurred at a critical time in your and / or your mothers life and hope you can remedy this matter like my daughter did. I’m sure your mom appreciates your concerns and efforts. Props to you!
  3. My basic plan is to keep the car only a couple of years, then get a newer model as I’ve heard the body style may change in 2020., Therefore a two-year warranty is sufficient, I received the I received the jeep grand Cherokee in November 2016, I returned it on December 31, 2018 with only 10,500 miles on the odo. . I don’t drive a lot, my wife has a BMW that she would rather drive. I am an American car person.
  4. Well this is cool thank you so much for the info!
  5. Need to attach front license plate, In California they require a front license plate I’ve already purchased the plate holder from Dodge but how do you attach it to the bumper? I would hate to drill into it and set off the airbags or anything else. Thanks
  6. Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    It comes with a seven day or 250 mile exchange timeline or refund from the date of delivery, additionally it automatically comes with a 90 day powertrain warranty and finally I am to receive one year roadside assistance at no charge., After spending The entire day going from dealer to dealer and getting kicked to the curb because I’m not buying a hellcat I kept getting the greenhorn sales people who didn’t know s*#t from shinola. I was paying cash as well which they don’t like because they will not make rebates on the loan. Vroom and Caravana are the two top Internet retailers of online pre-owned cars and the funny thing about it, I went to dealers who said they do not negotiate prices what you see in the window is what you pay, things have changed so much. Carmax does the same thing, Vroom and Carvana do not negotiate. I read that their spin on all this is that most buyers between the ages of 20 and 40 do not want to screw around with a sales person on a sled lot,
  7. Water Ingress? How?

    Thank you for the detailed report, I am still waiting for my DJ to arrive from Vroom, I too have read a lot about these leaking issue on this forum and read that many members have even looked at the sunroof drain, I had a 2005 Volvo turbo station wagon and it began leaking profusely into the floor after I parked it under a tree and the vents just under the windshield wiper is clogged the drain’s that are supposed to remove all rainwater from the air that goes into the vents inside the car. The design of this vehicle may make the problem more pronounced as you have described if Dirt does get into those drains in the vent area underneath the windshield wipers, additionally, the blower motor for the air conditioning has a condensation drain that typically route back out to the firewall and just opens out to the street, this area also gets clogged with dirt especially if your cabin air filter is dirty, the condensation will gum up and clog the drain. I had to address both on the Volvo. There was nearly an inch of water on the floor and it ruined all the carpeting. I am going to test the ventilation intake just under the wipers by pouring water right into the inlet and observe the location where the water is supposed to drain underneath the car. Vroom says prior to final shipping they go over the car with a fine tooth comb and make any and all minuscule as well as minor repairs or maintenance before shipping to me, if there is more than just minor repairs required vroom will not sell the car on its website. My daughters land rover discovery leaks water from the seal around the windshield, I had a Corvette C6 and it leaked at the side windows, I’ve had water collect in the sun roof area on a Mazda CX seven and it drained right into the dome light and ultimately made it down the a pillar to wet the carpet near the kick panel left side. I also believe you said you live in an area of snow and ice and I would imagine it gets into the ventilation and creates havoc for you. Here in California we simply have smog, dirt, and weird people,(lol), thankfully these forums evolved so that we can discuss and remedy many issues that are not in the repair manuals or owners booklets. O
  8. ramrezz425

  9. What muffler has the best sound

    Just joined today, I’ve been looking on YouTube and the just joined today, I’ve been looking on YouTube and the Flowmaster super 44 seems to be the right muffler The video I saw describe the owner had removed both stock mufflers and installed one super 40 for that routed back out to both exhaust pipes and the exhaust note was crisp and intimidating, very little cabin drone. I might go this route.
  10. Vehicles owned, past and present

    There’s more but I don’t have photos.
  11. Where do you live?

    Los Angeles California here, (no it’s not in Europe )
  12. Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    Hey everyone, newbie here from Los Angeles, never bought a car online like this before it’s supposed to be here next Tuesday. Has anyone ever bought from the Internet like this? Just curious thanks
  13. 2015 Granite Metellic dodge journey RT here, still waiting for delivery from Vroom, Hello from sunny but cold Los Angeles California, I purchased a preowned DJRT on Vroom, it’s supposed to be here next Tuesday, I’ve already purchased some mini mods to try to make this car my own. Previously I had a 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee Limited but it was a company car and had to give it back December 31 because I retired. Thankfully the journey is priced so I could pay cash for it and the features are 90% the same as the jeep grand Cherokee, like the Uconnect, the location of the buttons, and other stuff. I got a copy of the Maroney sticker and it says it has the Uconnect 8.4 with CD/DVD/MP3/NAV as well as park sense and rear back up camera, hope there is a DVD player up on the ceiling the pictures did not cover that area. I hope to gain some knowledge and exchange experiences and stories with everyone. Thank you, David