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  1. Climate Control Issues

    I will try that tomorrow !
  2. Climate Control Issues

    Hey gang, 2014 Journey... Climate control will not turn on via dash buttons or even the controls on the radio.. So no heat or AC working.. Anyone have this issue? If so, what's the remedy? T.I.A
  3. Slohnd

  4. Did that but can't get they to click in like the OEM...
  5. Good morning, Been looking, searching,etc this site and youtube, etc.. I bought a pair of LED bulbs from Amazon, same one as someone else on this site and Facebook Group.. I went to replace them last night but can't seem to get them to "click" in.. I have replaced the Oring with the OE ONE... Still no luck.. Is there a trick? I removed them quite easily.. New ones won't click Thanks
  6. https://www.amazon.ca/Koomus-Magnetos-CD-Cradle-less-Smartphone/dp/B00HUIL310/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1465317503&sr=8-16&keywords=phone+holder This is what I'm currently using.. I don't use the CD slot..
  7. Hi Kathleen Thank you for the information.. I will call them tomorrow!
  8. How does one "open up a case with dodge"? i have the same issues with the tranny and the torque has been replaced and the issues have been creeping back.. Thanks
  9. Hey Gang Doesn't seem to be a solution to this front end issues... I have the same issues with noise and they say all is fine... but we all know it isn't.. I am going to a different dealer in the next week or so to have this looked at.. My normal dealer here seems to alwasy push off things unless it's a waranty item and I need to pay for labour... IE- Rear toe links require changing and I must pay the Alignment costs because it isn't covered... Next thread to find here is one on the tranny.. going in for the 6 th time for: hesitation, clunking, hard shifting.. and it's had the torque converter already replaced.....
  10. I'm also from Ottawa and can't stand their radio selection... horrible.. I went 3 months with Sirius and I ended up getting it for $115 tax in CDN...
  11. I bought this one after reading the threads... Best purchase I've made regarding phone holders.. Does obstruct the blower dial but meh... it's in the perfect spot to use for NAV.. Now on to read threads for LED bulbs for the fogs....
  12. Which LED.s did you use for the fogs? Thanks
  13. Rear camera and lock pick c8

    Thank you i would have to research and see where to buy being new at this.lol Simple is good for me.. rear cam is a needed item
  14. Rear camera and lock pick c8

    Could you please post where this wear pruchase and such? Newbie here and would love to add the rear camera.. thanks
  15. Please post a pic and such of this!! I assume there was a location already for an 8" if you had the upgraded system