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  1. dj17

    I got them on aliexpress.com
  2. Changing chrome wheels

    why ruin one of the best features on the dodge journey. SMH
  3. Pic of self and a name

    nah we just lost him and all us drivers all laughed off years of stress .....no for real I just smiled cause I was laughing at a joke and in the pic of me in front of my journey. who knows lol
  4. Pic of self and a name

    I was happy cause I lost a trouble maker ! We're find him someday I keep seeing blue in my pics cause of you lol . I think pitch black does look blue kinda in certain angles
  5. Gas Tank

    So you believe the tank was defected but you never try to have it checked out by a third party to prove as much and now you just flat out blame dodge for this , you can't blame Dodge unless you have complete proof and not just a assumption . You should had taken it to another repair shop besides the dealer to have it checked if you truly believed it was defected. You are upset about the hazmat fees , towing fees and repair costs you paid but you must have insurance that should cover that so you could had avoid those charges if you had contacted your insurance agent but you seem dead sit on blaming dodge for this without proof so IMO You got what you deserve ! stop whinnying to us and call your insurance agent before it is too late to try to recover those costs you paid out of pocket that could be paid though a claim ! as for the dealer not letting you see the Original tank with the damage, you can damn well believe I would not be told no when I own it ! I am not saying a defected tank is not possible but you failed to prove it by going to a third party so you don't have a leg to stand on and you are out of money for all those fees cause you didn't contact your insurance agent
  6. Pictures of new 2017 Dodge Journey

    Time will tell but it all sounds good
  7. Pictures of new 2017 Dodge Journey

    if they sell it cheaper each year I could live with this as 2021 model if the above sold for say 17500 out the door fully loaded !
  8. Pictures of new 2017 Dodge Journey

    Yea I agree and it will be based on the Chrysler 200 which is based on the dodge dart which I truly believe is based on a fiat small car platform so yep I agree
  9. Pictures of new 2017 Dodge Journey

    i think we wont see a new one till late 2018 early 2019 if the buying public is lucky
  10. "Sike" but thanks for dropping in ~
  11. I don't like that silver crossbar on the front bumper of the crossroad and RT front bumper . I like the first generation bumper better cause it has more of a muscle look then the Crossroad/Baja front bumper does, Now as far as the back bumper of the crossroad and RT, I def like the back of that bumper just not with that silver bar on it. For what it i wroth , one thing I like about the front of the crossroad bumper is the bottom black trim that go around the bottom of the crossroad and RT bumper IMO My bumper looks much more cool and raceboy like but that is my taste but I could live with the crossroad or RT bumper if I could remove that silver crossbar
  12. New Member, New DJ

    That's ok. You don't need to be fast, Just ask OJ Simpson !
  13. $10 Black out Grill

    That looks really Good.
  14. Window Tint

    I had mine tinted but the guy who did mine did 25 front window and said back windows are 18...No cops mess with me but then again we dodge journey drivers are not a target for cops ... I sit next to about 10 cops at different intersections since I got it tinted and one even came up to me at a self service car wash and said nice looking suv. He didnt say one word about my tint being too dark. also the guy who did mine said if I ever did get a ticket he would take it off for free and redo at half price with a 35 tint. I paid 80 dollars for both windows done...I thought about the front WS but he said that is what most cops look for, one with front windows as well. kinda tells the cop your hiding something . if you do 20, just dont do the front windshield .. Also 25 is not that much darker then 35.. you can see a slight difference in my tint but i think it blends in good