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  1. Steve_T

  2. haters gunna hate

    Looks perfect! Makes me wish I had kept the ones off my Jeep.... they look just like the Rough Country ones I had purchased from JustJeeps ($89.95cdn/pr)
  3. Black Rims

    Looks good, what kind of paint did you use? Also, how did you prep the rims before paint? (Info will help others looking to do the same) Cheers, Steve
  4. NEW SITE DESIGN: 16 July 16

    Agreed, why I'm never here anymore either, extremely slow and difficult to use on mobile.
  5. 20" Cherokee SRT8 wheels

    According to the specs of those wheels, they should fit, and no, they won't look like donks, they're only 1" larger in diameter than the factory 19's, should look great.
  6. What's this 'engineering menu' you soeak of, and what can you do with it?
  7. Funny, our cut-off date was May 18th, and it continued to work until this afternoon, I guess I'm not getting it free for the weekend. As far as the sound quality of Sirius, I have to agree that it's not great, maybe on par with some FM stations, but compared to say, my ipod, or even streaming Stingray, it's pretty obvious the sound quality difference.
  8. I think I'm just going to get a better data plan for my phone so I can stream Stingray and TuneIn Radio. Heck, if I miss Sirius, I could just use their app, but why pay them, when there's other, probably better solutions.
  9. So, I just called Sirius Canada, silenze is right, need a separate subscription for each radio, damn. But I was offered the service for basically $10/month cdn, which is much better than $15.99/mo, but has to be paid in full up front. They also offered me the free Onyx home kit, but would also be an additional $9.99/mo. I don't need satellite radio that bad, but regular radio here in Ottawa is absolutely terrible. I dearly.miss Xfm!
  10. So, our free trial period is about to expire, and we've recieved an offer in the mail with a discount on a one year subscription. Upon browsing the Sirius Canada website, if you click on the 'at home' option, they're offering a free Onyx home kit with a one year subscription. My question is, if I choose this option, can I also use the same subscription in the car, for the same price? I'm assuming it's similar to satellite TV, with multiple receivers on one account. I guesss I'll find out later, as I'm planning on calling, but looking for other's experiences.
  11. Aggressive

    For some reason these really appeal to me, probably because they look like Rubicon wheels. (Price doesn't hurt either at $150cdn/wheel.
  12. Aggressive

    ^I'm contemplating getting rid of my 19's and just going with a 17 with a similar tire, to avoid buying winter specific tires.
  13. Aggressive

    I came into the Journey, from a 4 door 2011 Jeep Jk, 33 inch tires and a leveling lift. I could get 15l/100km hwy, and averaged around 19l/100km around town. If you're willing to go down to a 17" rim on the Journey, which you'll have to if you want aggressive tires, there are a few options. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 $160cdn/tire, and winter rated. http://www.quattrotires.com/tires/geolandar-at-g015/168713/
  14. Custom rear diffuser

    I like it too, please tell me it is not just a 'one off'
  15. New member from the south shore of montreal

    Welcome! My in-laws are also from the south shore and drive a 2010 DJ.