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  1. Battery saving mode

    When we had this problem a while back it was the alternator.Because it wasn't charging the battery you get battery save mode. How was the alternator tested?Pretty easy to test it on the vehicle with a multimeter.
  2. Open air filter

    The 3.6 loves the highway.It's a pig in the city for mpg but get it out on the open road and it performs.
  3. There is one beside the glove box at the right that is for fresh air or recirculate. Another is to the left of the glovebox that I would assume is for the passenger side
  4. The recirculate actuator is behind the glovebox on the right side of the cabin filter location.I took it out and when I plugged it back into the wiring harness it seemed to work.But I ordered a new one from the US for about $15 canadian since my wife will be there next week.You can order from Amazon https://www.amazon.ca/Dorman-604-029-Air-Door-Actuator/dp/B00HRSP2A6/ref=sr_1_1?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1552110225&s=automotive&sr=1-1&vehicle=2013-40-6800-2962--9-6--13827-14-1-1--246-2&vehicleName=2013+Dodge+Journey I also recommend this https://www.amazon.ca/Neiko-03044A-Mini-Size-Ratcheting-Screwdriver/dp/B000XYOUS6/ref=pd_sim_263_1/144-9645152-3666607?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000XYOUS6&pd_rd_r=389e18b6-43b4-11e9-9df9-ff03b64505a6&pd_rd_w=AbwE1&pd_rd_wg=GyEEx&pf_rd_p=29a85b27-a36a-4f8d-94ca-61aa962c5f39&pf_rd_r=41N6N4X6RKSPHYK8HVNQ&psc=1&refRID=41N6N4X6RKSPHYK8HVNQ There are 2 philips screws holding it in but they are a pain to get at unless you unplug a couple of the wiring harnesses underneath. If you simply remove the actuator you can manually put the door into fresh air until you get a new actuator,that's what I have done for now. Check out this on youtube.The recirculate actuator is shown around 1:05 in to the video he's not sure what it is but that's the one that chooses fresh air or recirculate.
  5. Removed the recirculate actuator and placed the door in fresh air position and the problem has gone away.Will order a new actuator from Amazon for about $35
  6. Have this same problem and it appears the recirculate actuator is not working. If I crank down the window a bit the problem seems to go away so I am thinking it is stuck in the recirculate mode.
  7. SE 2017 journey lacks speed

    Did you not test drive the car before buying it?We first drove a gutless 2.4l Canada value package for a short ride before I asked to drive the 3.6.If you ask me the 2.4 is underpowered and offers little in the way of better mpg
  8. low battery turn on CEL?

    A low battery or bad alternator will put in in battery saver mode
  9. I think the slot up front is for an SD card at least in my 2013. I have never tried a video file in there so can't say if it works or not.
  10. I have seen ours do this once in a while ,skipping radio stations but very intermittently.Also once in a while does not connect to the phone but not enough to be a major problem, at least yet.
  11. Cruise control

    Recall is only for 2014 and newer Journeys http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/7/VRDB-BDRV/search-recherche/detail.aspx?lang=eng&mk=33038!24277!28000!6400!1849!2444!3714!4864!5115&md=0&fy=0&ty=9999&ft=&ls=0&sy=0&rn=2018269&cf=SearchResult&pg=0
  12. something is seriously wrong

    Have you read through this thread? http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/8231-2010-journey-wont-start/?page=2
  13. something is seriously wrong

    Have the battery tested even though you replaced it
  14. Alternator smoking

    That alternator is a pain in the a$$ to replace on the 3.6 although by the sounds of it you must be an expert on it now.
  15. homelink question

    I don't recall having to do that.Besides the button just sends a signal to the opener.Think about a regular remote it's 1 button right. So if the door is closed it opens and if it's open it closes.Been years since I did it but you can contact www.homelink.com and see if they can help just don't click my link it seems links don't post well