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Found 3 results

  1. I've been having random (what I think are) electrical problems. Driver's window (and only the driver's) is sometimes hard to roll up. I have to pull up hard on the switch (constant problem) Radio occasionally is extremely loud when I turn the car on. Doesn't matter how low the volume is when I turn the car off, it's still very loud when I turn it back on, even though the volume level remains at, say, 4-5. (Intermittent Problem) Cruise control won't turn on at all anymore (constant problem) Climate control randomly turns on or off while driving (intermittent problem) "Back" button on the steering wheel sometimes has to be pressed rather hard to get it to work, and doesn't always register that it is being pressed (intermittent problem) Anyone have any ideas what could cause all of this or what I should look for? I have a '12 SXT.
  2. Concise version: Car sits outdoors for 2 weeks. Temps outside are 32F. No electric power, no unlock, no dome lights, obviously no cranking power. 1) Ask for jump, successfully cranked the car. All systems running normal while connected to the jumper's car's power. 2) disconnect jumpers after about 30 seconds. 3) 15 seconds of normal operation, then overhead lights pulse on-off-on-off twice a second, radio on off, some warning lights on-off (mainly traction control, tire pressure) then engine stalls- zero electric power (dome lights dead), and tachometer is stuck at last reading 1,500 RPM (What i was Reving-to hoping to keep the power flowing, stepper motors didn't have power to return the tach to zero). 4) jump again. instantly, on jumper's power, gauges return to zero, and the car systems are restored to normal operation while on jumper. Crank engine, starts no issue. All systems normal. 5) removed jumpers, systems function properly for 15 seconds, then same as before, pulsing overhead lights, some lights on dash, 15 more seconds the engine stalls, tach and fuel gauge frozen (steppers without power) my troubleshooting: voltage at the under-hood battery mains while connected to the car: 0.3v. I disconnect the negative terminal here, and test the the neg-to-pos voltage: 3.4v. Note, battery is 3 months old. Hypothisis: 1) Terminals corroded (I'll freeze my butt off, but i'll check this next) 2) Bad battery temp sensor. No idea how to diagnose. 3) Bad Alternator (and dead/depleted batt.) Coming home from my wonderful tropical vacation to see my Wife in Brazil, I get home and rush to get to work the same day... only to call in an tell them my dodge wouldn't start. I work at GM, so they gave me a hard time, but understood that as I am driving a FCA product, there is an understanding that occasionally it won't work. Any suggestions? (other than abandoning the car and flying back to Brazil permanently?) I'll update when It's fixed
  3. I have a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT. New radio installed and recently the battery has enough juice to turn on the interior lights; but, it won't turn over. There are no error codes to report to mechanics. They had it after the first instance and couldn't rplixate the problem. Two days later, it needed another jump still no error codes. 6 days ago I had 2 engine lights: ESP Bas and an icon that looks like a car and tire tracks. Yesterday, the truck wouldn't turn over and pop-a-lock double jumped it to get it running: cables on the connectors via their box and cables on the battery from his battery and it worked! Just dropped off vehicle to mechanic to hopefully recreate the problem. If they hadnt told me to drop it off with a free loaner, I would have paid for a full engine diagnostic tomorrow. Any ideas on what wrong? It only has 68k miles, I bought it a month ago and so I'm a little concerned on how to handle