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  1. Bdberry

  2. Not to be rude, I am all for modding, but why not mod a car worth modding? The Journey is such a nice family vehicle, It would not be worth the $$ and time put into it for the outcome. Ive had many modified vehicles, Ive fabricated and done fully custom turbo kits etc, and the fun thing about building a racecar is being able to fix it when it breaks, because they always break. Enjoy the journey for what it is! you can buy a nice modified Nsrt-4 for $5k now a days which will be much more fun then the journey ever will be.
  3. Led light fitment

    im thinking its the bulb because i kept test fitting the stock halogen, and it would fit no problem. i am going to troubleshoot and contact company if not fitting. this is the reason i went with a $100 pair to avoid these stupid issues.
  4. Led light fitment

    yeah thats a good idea. i never thought of them being specific to a side, but its a possibility. i will have to try. driver side is shit. i agree. so much harder to get to! especially with big hands. thank you for the input, i will have to try when i have a free moment. i also have a cx-7, which requires taking off the underskirting and front tires, so the journey is not AS bad lol.
  5. Quick question, just installed the 9006 led bulbs as my low beams, the passenger side slid in no problem. Driver side seems to not sit correctly. It's in there just enough to not fallout, but seems like it won't lock into place. Which makes bulb some what crooked.. anyone experienced this?
  6. Light bar, hikari led headlights

    Thanks man. It was all pretty easy. Hardest part of it all was taking of the stupid grille. Those tabs were hell lol. Yeah lights are always the 1st thing, I do led or hid headlights depending on reviews. Led interior lights if they didn't come with it, the journey did. I do led license plate lights and reverse lights. I bought quality led lights with the Phillips chips. So far so good. Had some fitment issues I'm trying to fix. The driver side bulb is not fitting 100% at the moment but just enough to not fall out. Bleh.
  7. Just purchased my 18Dj Crossroads last week, already received some led stuff (+1 for prime). Also replaced my passenger headlight housing, the OEM had moisture leaking in from somewhere. Got around to installing most of it this weekend! Have any questions, let me know!
  8. LED headlights

    I have not put mine in yet, they will be in this weekend, but I have done countless led/hid installs. Always get a canbus for your led just to be safe, better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Just get the right size, and when you put the led bulb in, make sure the chips are facing left and right , not up and down. They are very bright and might need adjusting. If you want a fool proof alternative, HID bulbs are great, but require you to have some what electrical knowledge to put them in if you are newer to cars because of the relay harness/ballists etc. Either one will greatly enhance the light output, just dont always go to cheap, you get what you pay for! I went with Hikari brand led bulb because they use the Philips chips. mine, with canbus, were just over $100 I also bought led fog light bulbs, but went with an ebay bulb to test out ordered led license plate lights and reverse lights, have a light bar coming in this week. Hoping to install it all this weekend. Will post pics to give a better idea when they are in!
  9. New guy

    Turbo junky here too!
  10. Newbie!

    Thanks all!
  11. Newbie!

    New to the Journey! I've owned many vehicles, blessed with 16month old twins and needed a bigger vehicle then my Jeep Compass. 2018 Dodge Journey Crossroads AWD Love it so far!!