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  1. Hey again everyone! Hoping someone could answer another question for me- so I just started experiencing the “dodge AWD” error messages that are coming and going... from what I read I’m assuming speed sensor but have a question about reading the codes- ars the servuce codes stored stored for our journeys? Reason for my question is I brought my Journey in to an auto store to read the code and they attempted but their thing only reads engine lights... so I borrowed another and this one also didn’t read any codes and that one apparently had an abs reader capability... anyone know now why it wouldn’t be reading? Are service codes stored if not active when being read? Is there anything specific to the Dodge Journey that I’m missing? Thanks
  2. Hey! So im sorry as I feel like I’m always posting on popular topics ...but I just can’t find what I’m looking for... I’m looking to add an all in one sub/amp underseat to my 14 journey... I’m thinking of doing the LOC convertor with remote turn on integrated ... is this what is the best option? Can you access the speaker wires from under the driver dash? I do not have the upgraded sound system so no rca output from what I read.... will the LOC being installed affect the speakers at all?
  3. Thanks! I was finally able to get outside (it’s been cold here) and take a look! It was just clipped in and came off easily! So I was able to install my new grill!
  4. Thank you I will look at it more closely- if it doesn’t have the clips then is there no way of removing it without taking out the grill?
  5. Alright so I’ve been searching around trying to find an answer to this question- the front badge/emblem on our journeys - from what I understand pre 2014 are easy remove but after it became part of the grill and is more difficult to “remove” is this accurate ? i have a 14 and bought a billet grill that I think is requiring removal of that badge thank you I know this has been talked about but I couldn’t find a solid answer on newer models
  6. Mine didn’t switch to metric when I had it done
  7. Baumrb

  8. Tire size?

    Hey everyone! I've been looking at some rims and I'm wondering if the tire size would work- is anyone running 265/50/20? I did a search but didn't find anything in the forumns thanks for the help
  9. LED headlights

    Thanks everyone! I got Stark brand... they were a pretty cheap one off of eBay. Like $30 only but I like them!
  10. LED headlights

    Thanks everyone! Got my LEDs today and all seems to be good for the lows!
  11. LED headlights

    Thanks guys...hmm
  12. LED headlights

    Has anyone done LED for the brights- I know they are also DRL so will that mess with the LED? Thanks!
  13. Hello

    Hey everyone! I have been looking around the forumn and making a few posts so I thought I'd introduce myself- I'm Brandon and I live in Wisconsin. I got a 2014 Dodge Journey SXT. I love doing mods so I will post as more come! Right now I tinted my front windows and just dipped part of the front bumper!