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  1. Cargo Cover AliExpress

    That HighHardness pic looks like something straight out of a late night infomercial. "IT's Tough, It's Sturdy It can hold a grown person up in case of an emergency!"
  2. This may be one of those "pull it out and see whats in there" situations. If you break something, at least you can order that too when you order the bulb.
  3. eddiies

  4. Saw a 2014 Journey R/t with 5 seats. I was unaware it was an option in the upper trims levels after 2012-2013. The last time i checked on the dodge website, it didn't even give you the option. You only see it on the SE and AVP because that's what FCA pushes. "7 seats"
  5. Dogde journey transmission prablem

    That almost sounds like the transmission has gone into limp mode.
  6. The way you describe it, I have a feeling this is transmission related. If you get the codes read. and it ends up being a generic trans code then see if they have a reader that will read the Separate Trans codes. On the web I was able to find more by searching by transmission without being car specific. When I had to research I would normally find the story going "I was driving... then it shifted into neutral... wouldn't shift or stay in drive....limp mode...wouldn't stay in limp mode" The problem is there arent many solutions except "new/rebuilt trans." (I remember hoping for the Change solenoid pack solution as everything else involved dropping the Transmission and instant $$$ out of pocket) When I had mine done i was at a stop light. I also had a noise like "a playing card stuck in an oscillating fan" Once it hit a certain amount of RPMs it would shift into neurtral. Then i could shut off car turn it on and move a few feet more. ...........NEW Trans. Mechanic report claimed it was the transmission pump failed and destruction ensued.
  7. brake light blinking

    Might also check the Brake light/stop light switch as it may be stuck, loose, or slightly engaged. just lift up on the brake pedal while the brake lights are on.