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  1. Already put 2 qts in. Doesn’t look low now. I will call them in the morning.
  2. I leave for a 2800mi trip in just under 2 days. I am torn. Just a a quary from time to time and give it to them when I get back. Or give it to them now and not get it back in time for the trip.
  3. Dealership replaced the oil pump under warranty. Seems the issue went away. But after driving it for a few days the oil level is low. Will put a quart or two in.
  4. When we replaced the filter housing assembly the new part came with a mopar filter. And it came with new sensors. Dropped it off at the dealership last night. They called at 730am and told me they were done. Replaced the oil pump. Hope this is the end of this story.
  5. My mechanic has talked to several Chrysler mechanics and they all point to replacing the oil pump. Called the dealership, and it sounds like I am still under my 5/100 powertrain warranty and that is "should" be covered. But rumor is that the oil pumps are backordered either 3-5 days up to 3 months. SHHHEEESH! I am scheduled to drive to Miami (over 2800mi round trip) leaving next Wednesday. Now I am getting nervous.
  6. Online, I find this problem on pre-2015 3.6L engines. But not on a 2015.
  7. So P06DD associated with an oil change and oil all over the place and leaking......I bought a whole new oil filter assembly housing complete with new sensors. Install. Delete the code and take it for a leisure drive. P06DD comes back. Mind you, the oil pressure is on my screen on the dash. And it is running at the correct pressures expected. So I don't think it could be an oil pump issue.....am I wrong? I did notice that the 3.6L engine in 2011 had a ( TSB # 18-018-11 ) which said to reprogram the PCM. And last spring my PCM was giving my transmission issues. Upon looking at it, there was corrosion on the contacts of the PCM and on Power Distribution Center (PDC). See link to pictures Do you think this could be the problem like it has been in the past?
  8. Code P06DD and oil all over - help

    Well after a ton of online research, I think it is the oil filter housing. Dealership said it is a known failure part. And if they cracked it during an oil change, they would warranty the work. But since I did the oil change myself it would be $800+ to replace it.
  9. Code P06DD and oil all over - help

    Still losing oil at about a quart every 1/2hour of engine time. I am thinking Oil Filter Housing.
  10. Code P06DD and oil all over - help

    UPDATE - I drove around watching the oil pressure. All was perfect 35-42psi. I went to O'Reilly's and reset the check engine light. Then drove around town taking care of errands. Check engine light stayed off and oil pressure stayed right where it should. At the last traffic light before home, I stuck the throttle to the floor and got up to 45 as fast as I could. It through the check engine light back on. And when I checked the oil level at home it was a quart low. Now it has me going hmmmmmmmmm...... Thoughts?
  11. Code P06DD and oil all over - help

    After doing some research online, I saw that people would get that code when their oil filter was put in upside down. So I went and looked, nope. Not upside down. BUT!!!!!! The rubber ring gasket was NOT SEATED correctly, and got cut when I initially installed it. About 2" of it was sticking straight out. I think that oil was coming out there and running down the back side of the housing and then worked its way around the engine and pulled up over what looks like the transmission closest to the firewall. I also found these reasons why a P06DD code is thrown: - Low or dirty engine oil - Faulty Oil Pressure Sensor - Oil Pressure Sensor harness is open or shorted - Oil Pressure Sensor circuit poor electrical component. Well....like I said originally, I was guessing that the extremely dirty oil (and probably low) was the reason the car threw a code. Tomorrow morning I will drive the 10mi to O'Reillys again and have them delete the code and make the check engine light go away. I am thinking that all will be good with whatever caused the check engine light to come on. And I am thinking that I won't lose any more oil now that the rubber ring gasket has been installed properly (its the old one).
  12. 2015 Dodge Journey 3.6L 75,400mi So my wife tells me that this morning she noticed the check engine light while driving to work. Nothing sounded or acted wrong, so I told her I would check it out tonight after work. Since it was long overdue for an oil change, I figured it had something to do with the oil. So, I got 6quarts of synthetic and a new filter during the day. Changed the oil when she got home. Figured the car needed to run a bit to clear the code, so I took the family to get some Dairy Queen. I smelled oil on the way there, and figured I might as well swing by O'Reilly's to check the code. As I am almost there, I hear a tone and look down. A red oil symbol briefly appeared at the bottom of the center dash computer window. I switch over to check the oil pressure and it is down to 14psi. Dang it! It got down to 2psi by the time I pulled into O'Reilly's. I pull the dip stick and NO OIL ON THE DIP STICK!! Using my phone flashlight I am now climbing around under the car in the wet parking lot. There is oil all over on the drivers side of the engine. Starts midway down and oil is pulled up and dripping out. I get the code reader from O'Reilly's and it pulled the following code: P06DD - Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Performance / Stuck Off. Where do I begin - other than internet searching all night? We are taking this car from KC to Miami and back in just 3 weeks!! I can't have it doing stuff like this while on the trip.
  13. How do you remove the PDC?

    Ok. I found nothing on how to remove the PDC/TPIM from the DR. So I just dug in. 1. Disconnect the 15mm nut holding the power lead going into the PDC (under the red plastic cover). 2. Then lift up on the grey leverage handles while pushing on the tab locking the grey handle down. There is a tab on both sides of each handle. 3. With both handles fully up and meeting in the middle, gently rock the unit around while pulling up. Keep in mind there are about 50 pegs (male plugs) that are seated into the female receivers. Once all are released you will have it in you hand. This is a $400+ unit in your hand.