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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I just got a 2018 Journey Crossroad. It has the bigger screen but no navigation or backup camera. Is it possible to get a camera installed that will work with the screen? Also, is it possible to update the software to add the navigation?
  2. Hello! I just got a 2018 Journey Crossroad. It has the bigger screen but no navigation or backup camera. Is it possible to get a camera installed that will work with the screen? Also, is it possible to update the software to add the navigation?
  3. Hey All! I have an odd situation I’m hoping someone here may be able to help shed some light on. I recently bought a used 2018 Dodge Journey GT. It’s supposed to have a backup camera. According to the VIN it has a backup camera. However, it 100% does not have a backup camera for some reason. I’ve reached out to the dealership, but they’ve been 0 help since we purchased the car and insisted the car does have a backup camera and the parts department said they can’t order the part from Mopar (they weren’t clear on why). I’ve called Mopar directly and they said there is no backup camera currently offered for my vehicle (not sure how that’s possible). I’ve also contacted Dodge’s customer service department directly and they weren’t able to resolve anything and directed me back to Mopar again. What I'm trying to determine is if there is truly no way for me to get an oem Mopar camera that can be installed and integrated into my Journey (has the 8.4 display). Should the 2011-2017 Mopar backup camera (part #: 82212553AC) be compatible with my vehicle? I’m at a loss of what to do from here. Thanks for your help!
  4. I installed a a back up camera to my 2018 DJ. It worked fine for a short time, then the video would come on and go off. It was suggested to add a relay. When I did, the camera did not work at all. Any suggestions?
  5. On the official Mopar parts website, a reverse camera (integrated with existing screen) is only available on models up to 2015. Does anyone know if it fits the 2016? Has anyone installed something different with success? Cheers.
  6. Well, I finally upgraded my 2014 SXT. I took out the 4.3s and installed the RE2 receiver, the 8.4" screen, the new bezel, and the lower stack. I also installed the factory backup camera as well. The receiver, screen, lower stack, and bezel were pretty straightforward and easy to install. '14 Charger receiver, '13 Journey screen, '14 Journey bezel, and '11? I think, lower stack. I included some pictures below of some things I hadn't seen others include as far as how to remove the trim and whatnot. My wife and I really enjoy the upgrade, makes the interior feel much less "base package" and more complete. I, like others, haven't fixed the temperature controls on the screen but I haven't given up yet. I've talked with guys from my dealer and realized they're not going to be much help as this is the first radio they have even unlocked. Thanks to this forum I had more information than they did. I've talked with Uconnect who did not have info for me, and talked with Dodge corporate and they referred me to a larger dealer in the area but I haven't gotten a hold of them yet. I played with the controls and found that when I "sync" the temps, the front and back hvac behave as one. That's nice as we have small kids in the back. If the knobs in the back are turned then the sync is broken and the rear acts independently. It also seems that even though the sliders on the climate screen maintain the nefarious "22 degrees" mark, if you slide them up or down it seems to lock that temperature in even though the slider moves back to the middle a few seconds later. The satellite radio still worked fine, so the free subscription apparently didn't get kicked back. The dealer charged me for 1 hour labor for the combined unlock code and flashing the backup camera. Like I said above, this was the first one they've done. I had all the info they needed (even though they didn't know they needed it) thanks to this forum. I bought the backup camera from the dealer (they were able to have it the next day). It came with detailed instructions that, at times, were not completely accurate as it was written in 2011. It was pretty involved to install - let's say it's not for the faint of heart. I took some pictures of that process that I've included below as well. You really do have to remove quite a bit of trim and one of the rear seats (If you have the third row). It's definitely doable if you're handy though, and I learned a lot about the car while doing it. I fished the wires a couple of times so that is one thing I would recommend if you're planning on doing it. My wife and I REALLY enjoy having it. The blind spot behind the car is especially bad without the camera if you have a car seat in the third row. I couldn't figure out how to insert larger pictures....
  7. Just wanted to drop a line in the mods room as well in case anyone's looking to install the backup cam. Just did it myself and documented it in the following thread: http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/6259-43s-to-84-uconnect-and-backup-camera-installed/