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Common component to these two+ problems?

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Is there a common electrical/electronic component to these two failures?


  1. Door lock - doesn't work.  Door unlock DOES work.  Remote or button.
  2. Front windshield washer fluid pump does not work.   Rear windshield washer fluid pump DOES work (I know its the same pump!).


I am ready to try replacing something in the hopes it will fix my electrical issues without a confirmed diagnosis already, in the hopes all my issues disappear.


And in the might be related category:

  • rear wheel drive engagement for AWD is not smooth when turning.  Mechanic actually disconnected it for me.
  • Occassionally (especially after rain maybe), absolutely no electrical at all.  Waiting a couple minutes and all is well.
  • Occasionally no start.  Just a click.  Wait 20 minutes and it might start.  Eventually it will. New starter and new battery has not solved.



2010 Dodge Journey R/T AWD

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For the windshield washers, did you check to make sure they nozzels themselves didn't break off from the fluid line?  Or that the fluid line didn't crease/break anywhere?  I've had both break on mine.  Nothing super glue couldn't fix...

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Going to put some dealer service notes here in the hopes that it may help someone some day.


RE:  front washer pump

tested for power at W10 front washer pump motor control.  No power at circuit.  tested for power at circuit W20 rear washer pump motor control, tested OK.  Verified with scan tool TIPM receiving front washer motor signal.

Disconnected connector C3 at TIPM and jumped circuits W10 and W20 from power to ground with washer pump connected.  Front washer operating.  TIPM faulty internally.


RE: door locks

scanned vehicle for DTCS, none related to concern, tested key fob signal, tested OK, verified with scan tool vehicle seeing lock request.  Recommend replacing TIPM for further diagnosis.

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