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  1. Sold the DJ, Brakes, Thermostat, and Filter For Sale!

    Yeah I may have to. Just annoying to have to deal with posting and dealing on there!
  2. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Yeah unfortunately I'm sure it would be similar or worse than the one for Ohio I checked above. Can't believe how much shipping is for these!
  3. Sold the DJ, Brakes, Thermostat, and Filter For Sale!

    Anybody interested in these items? Prices are OBO, just sitting around waiting to be used!
  4. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Down to $400 OBO. Hate to see these go to waste just sitting in my garage!
  5. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Down to $475 OBO! I'd like to get these out of my garage soon...
  6. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Dang it's super expensive nowadays. I checked ups FedEx and USPS. Ups is the cheapest, but still $92 per wheel/tire for the cheapest option. They are 58lbs a piece and dimensioned 29" x 9". Do you have any other ideas for cheaper shipping?
  7. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Correct it says 234lb but that seems heavy. I would guess roughly 40lbs each. I've shipped wheels and tires before through ups and they we're roughly a buck a pound to ship. I can try doing a quote, but I'm guessing it would be about $150 total for shipping. I could help cover the rest if it's over. Let me check and see.
  8. I purchased these last year for our DJ and used them for one winter (Nov 2016-Mar 2017). Didn't even bother putting them on this winter before we traded it in (pathetic snow year for us). Paid $860 new from TireRack.com (receipt attached to prove it). They are General Altimax Arctic Winter Tires sized 225/65/R17 with winter wheels (saves the hassle of having to mount/dismount each season, and saves your nice wheels from getting trashed over winter). You can look up the excellent tire reviews online. They were superb tires and got us up the mountains and hills with ease. Selling because we sold our vehicle and they don't fit our new Durango. Tires only have 3-4k miles on them, easily >90% tread left. Saves you hundreds over the price of new ones. They will fit many 5 lug Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevy, GMC vehicles, plus many others. The lug bolt pattern is 5-127. Comes with 20 lug nut too, 12x1.5 thread. Asking $550 OBO. I'm located in Utah for a local pickup, or I can look into shipping costs and work with the buyer to help cover it. Thanks!
  9. Goodbye Journey, Hello Durango!

    Haha yeah I definitely wouldn't be hunting in the Durango. I've got the truck for that ;). The Durango feels so much more dang smooth suspension wise and the new 8-speed tranny is amazing! I was getting really tired of the DJ clunky tranny, this new one is like butter. Can't even feel when it shifts. To me, the most amazing part is still the killer gas mileage. We gained almost 1000 lbs, and added AWD, and it gets the exact same mpg as the DJ. Much better than the Traverse, Acadia, and Tahoe's that we were comparing against.
  10. Sold our DJ and had a few items leftover. I have a brand new set of Wagner Quick Stop front brake pads kit (ZD1327), comes with shims and grease. $22 on rockauto, asking $15 plus shipping. Also have a brand new cabin air filter, AC Delco (CF2225C). $7 on rockauto, asking $5 plus shipping. And last, a brand new Mopar thermostat that I didn't end up needing (5184570AJ). $10 on Mopar parts site, asking $7 plus shipping. If you buy multiple things I can discount and combine shipping. Thanks!
  11. Goodbye Journey, Hello Durango!

    Well, after almost 6 years we've decided to trade the DJ in for something bigger for our family of 3 kids. The Journey was just getting too small with the three carseats/boosters. We bought it new in 2012 and it treated us well for 130k miles. Only a couple minor recalls, lots of brake replacements, and basically just fluids and filters. Really never had any major issues. It treated us so well we decided to stick with Dodge and absolutely loved the Durango's. Ended up getting a slightly used 2017 Durango GT loaded with nearly every option. I love the new tech and entertainment centers on these things. So many dang options and gadgets to play with! Hopefully we can keep the Durango for just as long as the DJ. I've posted some items for sale that I had left over in the garage. Posted the only pic I have of the new Durango. Later DJ gang, it's been fun!!!
  12. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    So we checked out some explorers and pilots and instantly ruled both of those out. The explorers are nice, but definitely not much bigger than a Journey. The Pilots felt like I was stepping into a 90's car inside...with a touchscreen. They are so outdated inside. At least the updated the exterior to look better, but I don't understand why so many people love them. We've narrowed it down to the Durango, Tahoe, Traverse, or Acadia. The Durango GT would be perfect if it was just a tiny bit wider. The carseats fit, but just barely (only 3" wider than the Journey inside). The Traverse and Acadia are nice and a little bit wider than the Durango. But they aren't tricked out as nicely as the Durango GT's are. The Tahoe is plenty big enough, but the third row seats suck and are practically useless. But I could tow my camper with it and sell my truck. Does anyone have experience with the Durango R/T V8? Seems like an awesome vehicle with 7200lb towing capacity. Has anyone ever towed near that limit with the Durango? My camper is 7000 lb loaded. I currently tow with an 05 GMC 1/2 ton. Man, decisions are hard!
  13. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    Awesome, thanks for the input and help!
  14. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    Does anyone know what year Durango's are the best or worst? When we're the new generation changes? Or is there a website that tells about the changes with each year?
  15. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    Wife is deathly against minivans! We've tested out a couple and she hates them to death!