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  1. 2010 Journey

    seating 7 might be an exaggeration. Unless everyone is small and slow growing. The third row is tight. We used it for friends only on occasion. I am sure the rotors have already been replaced. Maybe the tranny too. Still driving mine that I bought new. 2010 Dodge Journey r/t. Elmwoodie.
  2. Ever buy a rebuilt TIPM?

    last nite I disconnected negative from the car for about 30 minutes. Reconnected and all was well with the replacement TIPM! Backup camera, remote start, and speedometer are working again. Front washer pump and door locks working again for the first time in 18 months. ( http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/9376-power-door-locks-stopped-working%C2%A0-but-power-unlock-still-works%C2%A0/?tab=comments#comment-75707 ) Very happy with the refurbished TIPM from Mak at https://www.totalintegratedpowermodule.com/
  3. Be sure and keep us up to date! My 2010 RT is blowing cold air on passenger floor vent too. Dealer did an actuator calibration test - passed. Dealer did a back flush of heater core and the passenger side began temporarily blowing warm air. Diagnosis was a plugged heater core. ( guess that means that passenger side has a different heater core as driver side and vents blow warm air?) Dealer recommendation is a heater core with EVAC and recharge $1638.45 installed (Canadian).
  4. Ever buy a rebuilt TIPM?

    Just a note to say that I installed a rebuilt TIPM. It solved two electrical problems (door lock and front washer pump)!. The refurbished TIPM does not appear to support my backup camera though and am checking with the guys who sold it to me to see what that's about. And I have some lit dash lights and no speedometer. Hoping to get that fixed by completing a reset as per the youtube videos linked in the previous message. But I am not 100% sure how to fully disconnect the battery. In the video, its a simpler setup in a jeep. On my 2010 RT, the battery is not directly accessible and has 3 connections I can see. One negative to the negative post. Two positives, one to the TIPM and one to the accessible positive connection. I disconnect the battery negative connection up to the post. Then I disconnect the postitive connection up to the post. Then I connect the cars negative and positive connections together to drain the car. Have also tried disconnecting the positive to the TIPM, but not getting a seuccessful reset. Have only tried two hours disconnected though. I will try disconnecting a longer stretch, but am wondering if I need to disconnect the positive connection to the TIPM or not?
  5. 2010 Journey failed TIPM

    TIPM solution for fuel pump here: https://www.totalintegratedpowermodule.com/info.html
  6. Turned out to be the control module AKA the TIPM. I installed a refurbished TIPM and the problem is solved.
  7. After installing a rebuit TIPM, washer pump and door locks are working.
  8. Going to put some dealer service notes here in the hopes that it may help someone some day. RE: front washer pump tested for power at W10 front washer pump motor control. No power at circuit. tested for power at circuit W20 rear washer pump motor control, tested OK. Verified with scan tool TIPM receiving front washer motor signal. Disconnected connector C3 at TIPM and jumped circuits W10 and W20 from power to ground with washer pump connected. Front washer operating. TIPM faulty internally. RE: door locks scanned vehicle for DTCS, none related to concern, tested key fob signal, tested OK, verified with scan tool vehicle seeing lock request. Recommend replacing TIPM for further diagnosis.
  9. Hi All, Has anyone replaced their TIPM with a used/refurbished unit? (TIPM=Totally Integrated Power Management) If so, what year is your Journey, where did you get the TIPM, what issues did you have, did you require dealer assistance, did you need to reprogram, would you recommend? Any info appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVBlRqlVCh8 https://www.totalintegratedpowermodule.com/ http://www.verticalvisions.com/TIPM_solutions.php https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-83320-599-926.aspx?year=2010&make=Dodge&model=Journey&parttype=Integrated%2520Control%2520Module&origin=YMM
  10. Hi Marsh. Are you having any other potentially related problems? (see this thread here for some other issues I am having (or did you get door lock /washer fluid pump issue resolved?))
  11. Is there a common electrical/electronic component to these two failures? Door lock - doesn't work. Door unlock DOES work. Remote or button. Front windshield washer fluid pump does not work. Rear windshield washer fluid pump DOES work (I know its the same pump!). I am ready to try replacing something in the hopes it will fix my electrical issues without a confirmed diagnosis already, in the hopes all my issues disappear. And in the might be related category: rear wheel drive engagement for AWD is not smooth when turning. Mechanic actually disconnected it for me. Occassionally (especially after rain maybe), absolutely no electrical at all. Waiting a couple minutes and all is well. Occasionally no start. Just a click. Wait 20 minutes and it might start. Eventually it will. New starter and new battery has not solved. Shawn. 2010 Dodge Journey R/T AWD
  12. 12 hours without battery did not fix the problem. I saw a youtube video where they indicated that it might be necessary to disconnect both battery posts and connect + and - (without battery!) to discharge all capacitors to ensure everything is reset. Does anyone think that is a good idea?
  13. Thanks for the advice Bigtsr, I tried disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes, still didn't work. Thanks for the info that there is only one windshield washer motor. Maybe I can get by just swapping the fluid cables around as the front is more useful than the back! Looks easy enough too. I tried shuffling around some relays to see if there was a chance that the problem would move around. That didn't happen, the problem remained the same. (I have no idea what else to try, so I was grasping at straws ) I am leaving battery disconnected overnight to ensure everything is reset. Sure seems odd that two systems would both half-fail at the same time. Doors unlock, but wont lock. Fluid pumps to the back, but not the front. Sounds like an expensive computer maybe? Elmwoodie.
  14. Hi all, Interesting problem on my 2010 Dodge Journey R/T. Power door locks stopped working. The button on keyfob makes the lights blink, but the doors don’t lock. The lock button on the driver and passenger doors do not do anything. But power unlock still works. Button on keyfob, driver door and passenger door all unlock the doors. The windshield cleaner fluid pump on front windshield stopped working at the same time. The rear window cleaner fluid still works. How does the door lock mechanism work? Is it a separate motor/actuator from the unlock mechanism? I am guessing it’s a control module problem. And the windshield wiper fluid pump is just a coincidence? It looks like lock and unlock shares a fuse and its OK (fuse 38).
  15. AWD shifting hard.

    Currently happening on my 2010 RT. Initial diagnosis guess is: electric clutch coupler ($1500CDN part in the rear end) OR the electronic controller for it ($700CDN part under the dash). Mechanic's plan is to splice in between them and monitor the signals to eliminate the controller as a potential cause. is this post ( http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/839-leaking-awd-transaxle-pto/ ) about an updated GerTrac PTO part related maybe?