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  1. LED Headlight issues

    You need Anti Flicker modules. Most Chrysler vehicles have a computer system that pumps voltage into their headlights when the vehicle is turned off. And many times will cause the headlights to flicker when the vehicle is not running, and depending on the brand can cause them to flicker when the vehicle is running. When you have the standard HID or Halogen bulbs, these lights take a long time to power up so you never see the flickering. But when you upgrade to LED, the LED lights turn on instantly and draw much less power. Which is why they flicker. You need to add an anti flicker in between your headlight plug and the vehicle harness. This is a very common practice when using LED lights on a Chrysler Harness. Higher end LED lighting systems will come with the Anti Flicker, and many people don't even know it's there. But the cheap Chinese LED lights do not. You will need to buy a better pair or search for an Anti Flicker module.
  2. Cargo Baskets (Share your pics)

    I really want to purchase an already built off the shelf rack. Your welcome to add pics to this thread.
  3. bar light and head lights

    Nice set up. As far as the Light bar goes, I've worked in the off road industry for years now and I know everything about the lighting and the competitors that are out there, it's part of my job. The 20,000 Lumen rating is a paper number used by marketing to get you to think their product is bright. When you plug that light into a LUX reader used by USA LED manufactures that China light will push only 6,000 effective lumens.
  4. Cruise Control doesn't always turn "ON"

    I have this same issue with my 2014 Journey. I use this for my sales job and I put a lot of highway miles on it. One day I noticed that the Cruise Control button wasn't working so I took it into the dealer. What do you know, when the car was at the dealer the button was working fine and they said "Looks fine to me". Again some time after that, maybe a couple weeks, the button stopped working again. This time I banged on the steering wheel and the Cruise Control worked again. This has happened to me maybe 5 times through out the year and every time I bang on the steering wheel and it works again. I refuse to waist my time at the dealer again because with my luck the button will work for them. I told them that it seems like a connection problem on the back of the button but they won't take it apart to look unless they see it malfunctioning. Useless..
  5. Hey Everyone, I need some help. I am looking to put a cargo basket on my 2014 Journey. I work in the off-road industry and the Gobi Racks and Baja Racks are the best looking ones on the market. Unfortunately they don't make any to fit the Journeys. I am looking for a low profile cargo basket that I can mount to the cross beams that I added. All the generic racks that I've found like the Yakima racks sit tall on the vehicle. Like 7-8 inches off the roof. Do any of you have roof baskets that you can share pictures of? Or do any of you know of a high quality low profile roof rack that will work on the Journey? I am planning to add a RIGID Radiance Light Bar and low profile RIGID LED lights on the back.
  6. Hey everyone, I just installed a new RIGID Ignite Series light for my back up light. RIGID has just released these very small, very bright, very good priced lights. The best part of this is that the lights can either be flush mounted into your bumper or you can use a Go Pro mount like I did. I had the lights wired to the reverse light but you can wire them to a switch also. You can find them here: www.rigidindustries.com/ignite
  7. Go to home Depot and get a can of Spray Tint and a can of Clear Gloss. I did mine and they look great. Do even coats. The more Coats the darker it gets. I did three even coats and it looks really good. The LED tail lights shine through perfect during the day and night so I never get harrased for having too dark of lights.
  8. $70 Autozone SRI (w/ pictures)

    Definetly keep us posted on how this works out. I have a 2014 and Want to put an intake on it. Can't find anything that works. K&N or other. People tell me other vehicle brands may work but I haven't seen any proof on here that it will work with a 2014.
  9. Exhaust muffler journey 3.6 2013

    I put two MagnaFlow mufflers in my 2014. It sounds really good. I have had magnaflows on three vehicles and they are the brand that I use. It has a distinct rumble where as in my opinion the flowmaster makes a more bubbling noise. Flowmaster sounds cool on an old toyota.
  10. Flowmaster Super 40

  11. Plasti Dip. For emblems and other stuff

    Yeah you mask off a square around where you want to plasti dip. You spray 4 or 5 coats on and when you go to take off the tape the plasti dip pleels off your car and the letters stay black. I know it wasn't a good explanation but here is a great link on how to plasti dip. Youtube has a million videos on plasti dip
  12. I've been looking for things to do to make the Journey appealing. Plasti Dip is the way to go. Homedepot sells the Plasti Dip spray can in the spray paint Isle for 6 bucks. Here are some pictures of the project. It's a good idea for people who want to do some cheap cosmetic upgrades Before with the chrome letters and license plate frame. This is the after shot with everything Plasti Dip'd. This stuff is just like a Vinyl Wrap. When you are bored of it just peel it off. Until then it is very durable and will stay on through the car wash.
  13. Has anyone had any luck with the 2014 3.6L? I want to put a K&N on but I don't know if the set up is the same as the 3.5L