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  1. 20" SRT8 wheels and tires installed

    And on a sour note, the PTU went out and is not being covered under warranty due to the oversized wheels and tires to a tune of approximately $1,800. Ouch
  2. hafnutz67

  3. 2013 Journey SXT

    SRT8 20" wheels and tires
  4. 20" SRT8 wheels and tires installed

    A few more pics
  5. I finally got around to changing out the wheels and tires on my wifes 20013 SXT. The wheels are 20x8.5 +34 Hyper Black SRT8 replicas by H--Performance Designs. The tires are Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 255/45R20. There are no issues with rubbing and I love the look.
  6. 20" Cherokee SRT8 wheels

    What are the wheels specs and tires size you went with?
  7. 20" Cherokee SRT8 wheels

    Did you end up purchasing these wheels?
  8. How is the light output compared to stock?
  9. Correct, it's not an activation code, it's an anti-theft code. And $1,300 isn't cheap but your only other option is to try and find a used unit for sale somewhere. With the newer vehicles that have the 8.4A, an activation code is needed to unlock the navigation but it still is not the same as the 8.4N, different navigation and less features than the N has. And that costs $500-600 for the code.
  10. oemautoparts.com sells the 84.N units along with the activation code. I believe they run about $1,300 but they are plug and play.
  11. 245/45R20 or 245/5R20 with 20x9 wheels

    Sorry, haven't checked in for a while. We decided to wait until after winter to do the wheels. Instead, I am in the process of installing leather interior. I have the fronts done but I still have to do the 2nd and 3rd row seats.
  12. My 20's on My 2011 Dodge Journey Crew Experience

    The stock 17's are 17x6.5 (+40) with 225/65R17 tires and the stock 19's are 19x7 (+40) with 225/55R19 tires
  13. My 20's on My 2011 Dodge Journey Crew Experience

    Great post with a lot of valuable information. I knew the calipers are "very" close to the factory wheels with the 40 offset. What I didn't realize was that such a small change to a 38 would cause an issue. I have seen the wheels I want in both 40 & 37. I would have assumed either would work since there is very little difference but now I will definitely make sure that I go with the 40 Thanks for the post and the reply.
  14. 245/45R20 or 245/5R20 with 20x9 wheels

    Both the 235/45R20 and the 245/45R20 are 0.2" different from the stock 17" tires. However, when compared to the stock 19" tires the 245/45R20 is 0.1" smaller while the 235/45R20 is 0.5" smaller. Both of these sizes would read 0.5% MPH different on the speedo from the stock 17" tires (0.3 MPH difference at 60 MPH) while the 245/50R20 would running 4.2% MPH faster than what the speedo read (2.5 MPH difference at 60 MPH) Overall Overall Stock sizes Diameter 20" sizes Diameter 225/65R17 28.5" 235/45R20 28.3" 225/55R19 28.8" 245/45R20 28.7" 245/50R20 29.7" I think that is why most people end up going with the 245/45R20. It is as close as you can get to the stock OD (compared to both the stock 17" & stock 19") and there is a pretty good selection of tires in that size. Discount Tire has 2 options for the 235/45R20 ($170-$200), 25 options for the 245/45R20 ($140-$351) and 14 options for the 245/50R20 ($130-2$29). I am just trying to get more of an "SUV" look to the Journey rather than the "mini-van" look that I feel it has now. Price is another reason I am leaning toward the 245/50R20. I am considering the Falken Pro G4 AS ($131) and the Yokohama Parad Spec-X ($169).These same tires in the 245/45R20 are $160 & $187 respectively.
  15. I am getting ready to order a set of 20x9 +37 wheels for our 2013 Journey SXT AWD but I'm not sure what tire I want to go with. I know others have gone with the 245/45R20 with no issues but I'd like to go with the 245/50R20 which is 1" taller. They are .3" closer to the suspension/brakes and .9" taller than the stock 225/55R20 tires. Has anyone else tried this size or do you think there might be issues? Looking at the clearance with the stock tires, there aren't any areas that jump out at me as potential problems. Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks Billy Here is a link to a really nice wheel/tire size comparer http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp