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  1. Which one will work with the 2018 ?
  2. Will these wheels fit 19 fit? I have 2018 SE

    You guys are right I’m going with 20 srt replicas what best tire height ? I don’t want it to look to to tall or to skinny.
  3. Rims and bolt pattern

    @jkeaton yo will 2014 + srt jeep 20 inch wheels fit even thou the hub bore is 71.5 and Dodge Journey is 71.6?
  4. Will these wheels fit 19 fit? I have 2018 SE

    19 seems like a perfect wheel not to big or small for my dj
  5. BRAND: Touren STYLE: TR9 SIZE: 19x8.5 BOLT PATTERN: 5x127 (5x5") OFFSET: +40mm HUB BORE: 71.5 BACKSPACING: 6.25" FINISH: Matte Black CONDITION: Brand New QUANTITY: 1 Wheel
  6. I did the upgrade a from junk yard and eBay around 450$
  7. Not sure how they do it but I just got my second code for my rb5 radio and it worked.
  8. I got The code from eBay they didn’t ask for the vin
  9. I have for sale 2014 Dodge Journey radio only fits 8.4 screens plays dvds ship to USA for 90$
  10. This is the size screws that worked from ace hardware just in case someone needs them in the future.
  11. LED headlights

    I the bought the SL1 bulbs for the lows and its super bright now without blinding people