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  1. I got The code from eBay they didn’t ask for the vin
  2. It’s the whole radio
  3. I have for sale 2014 Dodge Journey radio only fits 8.4 screens plays dvds ship to USA for 90$
  4. This is the size screws that worked from ace hardware just in case someone needs them in the future.
  5. LED headlights

    I the bought the SL1 bulbs for the lows and its super bright now without blinding people
  6. My car doesn’t have fog lights and I just bought a pair of leds fog lights but it didn’t come with any mounting hardware screws.
  7. Led interior size bulb that fit ?

    Hello I bought some led bulbs that supposed to fit but apparently they are some what smaller. Can anyone recommend led bulbs that fit with modifying the clips?
  8. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Where u located ?
  9. Wheel Specifications

    Are all oem wheels direct fit from year 2009 to 2018 ? I have stock 17 inch and I found a good deal on some 19 inch r/t s wheels.