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  1. It´s a common issue a think... bad engineering process or design. I experienced the same when I had the 2009, the 2012 and the same with my 2015. with my current 2015, the dealer changed the front struts and the struts absorber bases, front hubs and I can´t remember what else... but that elimanted another noise, that noise was a little "click click" with grinds sound like and old truck suspension. But the other noise, a "clonk clokn" in certain bumps at the road, still there... Other common noise (only in Journey) when you turn off the engine, you can hear a triple tic (tic tic tic) sounds like a dolphin LOL. But I still in love with the Journey :D
  2. Any happy Journey owners out there???

    I know this is an old topic, but I just want to say: I´m very happy. My first Journey was a 2009 SE, brand new. Few years later in 2012 I trade my old 2009 for a brand new 2012 SE, a really huge change in the interiors!!. 3 years later, back in 2015, I taked again with my dealer and trade for a 2015 Limited 2.4. Now in 2019 I´m still happy with my 4 year old Journey. The only thing (and it is obvious) is a heavier model vs my previous 5 seater Journey. Now I have more weight (3rd row, more equipment) and I feel a little bit slower this Journey. Regards!
  3. 235/60 r17 or 245/60 r17?

    Hello !! I was searching some post in this section, because I will need to replace my 4 tires. My rims are 17", with 225/65 r17 OEM tires. I want to replace with 235/60 r17 or 245/60 r17... what did you think? so any of you have pic with that sizes?? Thanx in advance!
  4. Rear Suspension Noise

    Yeah!! I know... is methalic the sound, very low sound... starts to move the car and sounds a little click and if I´m pressing the brake pedal at the same time, I feel it...
  5. Rear Suspension Noise

    Thank you a lot!! The front suspension noise, is when the weather is 50 F or less... in the morning (or night when the Journey was parked and weather is cold again). sounds like ...mmm.. need lubrication or something. another weird noise and a feel in the brake pedal: in the first start or first move, (also heard in my 2009 Jeep Patriot), 13 miles per hour or less, a sound like CLANCK and If I barely pressing the brake pedal at the same time I heard that sound.. it is a common sound?? not heard in my charger or ram. thank you a lot again!
  6. Rear Suspension Noise

    Hello!! I really need your help please! I have noises and rattles like redtomatoman. When the weather is cold (not warm), the front suspension makes a weird sound, like an old truck. also, the doors (right side, front and rear) driving, turn a corner, whatever movement started to make noises, very hard.
  7. Brand?? 4.3 uconnect

    Thanx!!! I think you have the top of the line sound system, right?
  8. Hello!! I was wondering, if the R/T = Alpine sound system, the SE or SXT or CREW with the 4.3 is Infinity??? I really want to know the brand. thank you!!
  9. Hello!! I was wondering, if the R/T = Alpine sound system, the SE or SXT or CREW with the 4.3 is Infinity??? I really want to know the brand. thank you!!
  10. What color is your Journey?

    bright silver!!!
  11. 2010 SXT to 2013 R/T Fully loaded

    is it only in my mind, or I heard better quality sound from a MP3 disc vs the ipod?? BTW, my Journey is equiped with the Uconnect 4.3 (2012 model) and I listened my ipod with the ipod interface. question: I know the R/T premium sound system is Alpine, but my 6 speaker 4.3" uconnect system is....???'
  12. rattles...

    It seems that I´m the only guy with the door rattle or crunchie sound, right?? LOL initially, I wanted a Dart, but the high price tag change my mind and I bought the Journey. :D
  13. rattles...

    Hello my Journey brothers!! I´m happy with my Journey... this is my second Journey (this is a 2012, my first was a 2009 model). I bought my Journey, 0 miles, obviously new from my dealer 6 months ago. but, 2 months ago, started to present some rattles. Center console (fixed in the first schedule maintenance) and little noises in both front doors (the arm rest zone). few days later the doors noises appeared again, so I thought this could be fixed again by the dealer. But started to hear a crunsh crunsh when the Journey is moving across a street with different inclination, or when I get out of garage. I don´t know the reason, sounds like de right doors (front and rear) make that noises, annoying noises. Other noise: front suspension. In a cold morning, sound like an old truck when I cross a bump in the street. Have you heard something like that?? any ideas???
  14. Tango-Mango Crew

    Hello!!! I want more info please, about the step boards... both!!! Terry n FredBrown!!! thnx, regards!