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  1. Weird Engine Behaviour

    Yeah, I have an uneasy feeling too but I hope I'm wrong as well! A little backstory...Bought it used in September of last year and it had 112,000 km's (roughly 70,000 miles). The day after I bought it, it sprung a transmission fluid leak under the pan. Brought it back and they replaced the pan and drained the fluid. In February, sprung a huge oil leak which ended up being the oil cooler which apparently is a common issue. Had that replaced along with the spark plugs. Basically, it's been one thing after another but I'm trying to hold on to hope that this isn't anything too major (I'm still paying for the next four years!). Currently, the car has 128,000 km's (roughly 79,500 miles). This issue started to present itself around Christmas but it was pretty minor and didn't really think much of it. But lately, it's fairly noticeable. The other issue is the harsh clunk it makes shifting between 2nd and 3rd (both upshifting and downshifting), almost feels like I'm getting hit from behind. Was told from two different dealearships that this was noticeable pentastar behaviour
  2. Okay...I'll try to explain this the best I can. As a note, I have the 3.6L V6 FWD. Lately I've noticed something strange with the way my engine's been behaving. When I am accelerating past 3rd or 4th gear, the transmission shifts into the next gear and then it just bogs down. It basically feels like the car is struggling to keep up with the acceleration, you can also feel the car vibrating (it's not a horrible vibration, but it is noticeable). The funny thing is, it seems to only happen in the one particular gear...Whether it's 4th or 5th, I'm not too sure. It feels similar to when you're driving a manual transmission, and you shift to the next gear too quickly and the car does the little shake thing as the RPM's try to catch up. The engine behaves normally upon acceleration from a stop. I have had the spark plugs replaced, air filter replaced, power steering fluid replaced, transmission fluid replaced (about 6mths ago), camshaft position sensor replaced and finally, the oil cooler replaced. The engine isn't throwing any codes, and if use the +/- manual function, the engine runs fine. So I'm wondering if it's perhaps a sensor (Throttle position?) or anything else that might be causing it?
  3. Remote starter

    Thanks larryl.
  4. Remote starter

    Hi...I'm having a similar issue but it has nothing to do with the battery as it is sufficiently charged. When I start the car with the fob, the engine cranks and it starts...5-10 seconds later, it shuts off and on the dash it says that the remote start has been disabled. The only thing that I can think of, is that I have a CEL on...It's code P0128 which points me to a thermostat/coolant issue but wouldn't think this would interfere with the remote start.
  5. Hi...I have this annoying squeal when I start my car and the engine is cold. It lasts only for a few minutes (when the engine is revving high to warm up, and when I press on the gas). After that, it goes away and never happens when the engine is warm. I'm assuming belt or tensioner? It's a 2014 DJ Ltd. with about 74,500 miles. Seems a little early to need a new belt IMO, but perhaps this is a common issue?
  6. Seperate Blower Fans?

    What's another sound at startup...lol. But seriously, thanks for the info 2late4u...Anything I should keep in mind when installing the new fan?
  7. Vehicles owned, past and present

    1986 Ford Escort GT - Manual 1988 Honda Civic (I believe it was the EX) - Auto 1990 Mazda MX6 - Manual 2004 Nissan Sentra SE - Manual 2008 Ford Focus - Auto 2013 Nissan Versa - Auto 2014 Dodge Journey Ltd. - Auto
  8. Seperate Blower Fans?

    Thanks jkeaton! Looks like I'll be replacing the front one. Hope the part itself is not too $$$ as it appears to be a fairly straightforward DIY project (famous last words! lol)
  9. Seperate Blower Fans?

    Hi...Does anyone know if the 2014 Journey Ltd. comes with a separate blower fan for the rear? I have the 8.4 UConnect with tri-zone climate control. I get a squealing sound from behind the glove box whenever I have the fan on...Doesn't matter if it is just the front, or just the rear on, the sound comes from the same place. I just assumed that there'd be a separate one for the rear.
  10. So...Still no luck with this vibration and it is driving me crazy!!! Here is what I have done since then (as I am really trying to rule out the tires/rims before I explore further: 1) Had those tires taken off the rim and then re-set and road force balanced. No change. They re-road force balanced and still no change. The shop is at a loss (and so am I). It is a tire specialty shop that I am using and have used them with great results in the past (although not with my DJ). They are at a loss and quite frankly, so am I. Aside from possible frame damage which has yet to be explored, they mentioned that it could possibly be a broken motor mount. He is no mechanic but is going off of his personal experience. My engine does move around quite a bit when starting, and I do get the odd jolts when the transmission is shifting gears (mostly between 2nd and 3rd). 2) As a last ditch attempt, the shop swapped out the General Arctic 12's that I had on it (they were brand new winters), and replaced them with Continental Contact Si Winter tires (brand new as well). Exact same issues I'm having. A couple extra observations: 1) The vibration felt is mostly in the floor/seats, and although felt while accelerating over 60, you really start to notice it over 65. And if I take my foot off the gas and coast (no brakes applied), it is really bad...Almost feels like the car is going to fall apart. When I accelerate again, the vibration persists, but it's definitely not as bad. 2) My car is FWD, and is the V6. Is the rear suspension on the FWD a shock and strut assembly? If it there is a strut, I think the rear passenger side might be on the way out. I keep hearing knocking sounds when going over bumps (kind of like something is inside my car making that sound), but there is nothing there that I could see. Also, what other components in the drivetrain are rotary? ie : U-Joints, CV Joints...I will be taking it in next week to have my suspension looked over, but would also like to point out a few things that I'd want them to look at too as well. Thanks!
  11. Fuel economy

    After reading these numbers, my '14 DJ may have a fuel consumption issue...Hwy/City driving combined I get roughly 20 mpg's. When I do all highway, I get between 22-23 mpg's. I am a spirited driver who doesn't carry much cargo. I've cleaned the MAP and am considering changing out my spark plugs.
  12. Engine/Tranny mount locations

    Car has just over 71k miles on it. Bought used and had been sitting outside for about six months. Did not know this before I bought it or would have second guessed my decision. Since I have owned it for about three weeks I've had to change the ball joints and camshaft sensor. I have a very bad vibration over 60 mph's in the floor/seat and if I continue to accelerate, felt in the steering wheel. This has happened with the OEM rims and with brand new steelies (for winter) and brand new winter tires (General Tire Arctic Max 12). They have been Hunter Road Force balanced twice. Someone had mentioned possible frame damage, but that has been ruled out. The tech at the tire shop I got my tires at suggested engine mounts as a possible issue causing this. It does make some sense because of the below. I don't really noticed much shifting from reverse to drive or vise versa...I notice the engine dipping forward when cranking to start it (watched it happen)...You can even feel it when you are in the car. Doesn't happen all the time, but when it does happen you feel the car shake briefly. I've also been experiencing a lot of bucking when the car switches gear (upshift and downshift) mostly in stop and go traffic. The bucking can be pretty abrupt at times. It's the 3.6L FWD.
  13. Engine/Tranny mount locations

    Thanks 2late4u...It is a FWD. Here's the thing, I bought the car used from a dealership other than Dodge. Car came certified which in Ontario would have been rejected if a broken motor mount was detected. I am car savvy to an extent and know that engine mounts exist, and can easily spot the ones on top to the left and right of the engine block. However underneath the car is where my knowledge dwindles, and in the case of the DJ, I'm not sure if what I was looking at is a motor mount. I specifically asked the dealership I bought it from to make sure that all the mounts were in tact and in good working order, I was assured that everything was fine. So when I noticed what I did, you could likely understand my frustration. If I take it to a Dodge dealership or independent mechanic, they will likely charge me a diagnostic fee which I would like to avoid but may need to just suck it up.
  14. Quick question....And quite a mystery trying to find using Google....Does anyone know where the engine mounts are located on a 2014 DJ Limited? I have one that I think is broken, but not sure if it is actually a mount. It is located under the engine towards the front of the car and in the centre just ahead of the front wheels. It's attached to the frame.
  15. Acceleration whining

    This sounds similar to an issue I'm having and already misdiagnosed. The whining would begin as soon as I turn the car on...Then, it would go away briefly and return. If I am just sitting in park and revving the engine, the whine would get louder. If it wasn't making any noise at the time, I could easily replicate it by turning the steering wheel as far as it can go in either direction. Once I returned the steering wheel back to center and waited a few seconds, the noise would disappear but would reappear again shortly thereafter. Hopefully this makes sense. I don't hear it when I'm driving, but that could just be the result of the road noise cancelling it out. I took it in to get looked at and was told that the PS fluid was really dirty and needed to be changed. I had that done, but the noise still persists. I am bringing it back in on Friday to ask wtf? I honestly think this is the PS pump going.