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Found 8 results

  1. Low oil pressure on ..?

    Hi.. ? Here on topic.. I have low oil pressure on 2013 journey sxt.. I replaced oil pressure sensor. 8 rocker arms. N bank 2 - o2 sensors-1 n 2... oil pressure is still at 10 n when I drive it reach 40-50. N speed is gradually.. I am seriously stumped on what to fix next.... I was thinking oil temp sensor but that maintain to stay in middle 160 area.. any suggestions will be appreciated.. thank you.
  2. Hey, My Journey just hit 104,000kms and it was suggested I get the spark plugs changed ( PCV ) with a fuel induction service. I would be going in for a routine oil change and tire rotation. 1) Do I need to do this? How much should it cost me? ( Please specify USD or CAD when stating a price ) Also, my alignment is off, and I was told that there are no adjustment options and that the whole alignment needs to be changed? What the heck is that about? Any details and info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  3. Hi, Bought our 15 Journey 3.6 4 months ago with 56K on it. Time for my first oil change with ~ 60K. Thinking of switching to synthetic, probably Mobil 1 with a Mobil 1 filter. Found an old thread that mentions using Penzoil instead. Thoughts or other recommendations? My guess is we'll be putting 10-12K a year on the Journey. TIA
  4. My first forum and post thanks for help in advanced. My question is i got a 2016 DJ RT i have been doing my oil changes myself. I was told 2 oil changes later by a mopar diehard friend of mine that, i should keep receipts of my oil changes to keep my warranty valid am i screwed already? Im already having issue with the vehicle i dont like and plan on visiting dodge real soon
  5. Hi, I just received by the mail a recall for my Dodge journey RT 2016 about a defective transaxle oil pump. How dangerous is that? Thanks. There is a link: https://www.chrysler.com/universal/webselfservice/pdf/S44.pdf
  6. So, this is our first UOA on our '10 DJ and we were quite shocked. I didn't want to do a motor flush but my father insisted so we did one 5 min before changing the oil. Metal particulates were high and they suspect that to be the cause. I'll attach the form so you all can see the report. DJ has 47,888 mi at time of change, had PP with a Pureone filter. oil going in was PP with a Pureone synthetic filter. Next time we won't do a flush and see if the numbers go down. I also posted this on Bob is the oil guy forum. I would post a picture but this forum allows a pent size picture. so here is the link to bob to view the report: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/3366495/PP_10w30,_5,426_mi,_2010_Dodge#Post3366495
  7. Engine Oil

    My 2013 Dodge Journey only has 3100 miles. Want to know what type of oil the factory installed. Manual says 5w20...but what type? Regular or synthetic?? It is a 1/2 quart low and want to make sure it is the same as what is in it already. Not due for oil change as monitor has not gone off yet. Thanks!
  8. So, I have a 2012 base model, and today I got the oil changed, and on the way home the low oil pressure light came on (super short drive). I have had it changed multiple times and the light has never come on after. I just checked the oil level and it doesn't seem to be measuring unless the engine is on, so I don't think the oil is flowing properly. Temperature of all the systems are just fine and not hot at all. I also got the tires rotated, I know its a reach, but could they have knocked a sensor loose or something? Should I just give it time or go back and see the shop again? New to Las Vegas, so I have never used this shop before, and car only has less than 15k miles.