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  1. Changed phone to a Minolta Maxx 2, running Android N. Still have the same issue. Ball's in Dodge's court.
  2. I got Sirius, free for a year, when I bought my 2917 DJ. It's nice an all, but I can't see paying $15.00 a month just to listen to 3 or 4 stations. I've got a USB mucrocruiser loaded down with enough music to keep me going for a long time.
  3. I knew about the floor storage. No I don't have front passenger seat storage. But I sure didn't know the console slid open, until today. Actually thought it was broken somehow. Silly me.
  4. Well, uconnect called today (They tried calling the wrong number yesterday.) And said that it "appears" to be a compatibility issue. He told me that the system wasn't tested on my "latest" version of Android. I told him that I was on version 6.0, which is definitely not new, and was a 4 year old phone. Their advice was to try another phone...I'll be contacting the dealership, for my next step up the ladder. stay tuned...
  5. I'm just climbing the ladder and keeping a record, by contacting customer assistance. There's always a chance that someone at Chrysler is aware of the issue. Here's what I've got so far... Hello John, Thank you for contacting the FCA Customer Assistance Center. I understand you've contacted our level one Uconnect team with no success on fixing the issue thus far. I have escalated your file to our Uconnect Case Management team to work with you a bit further on this. Your Uconnect Case Manager will be in contact with you within the next business day to assist. We appreciate your patience John. Thank you again for your email. Should you require additional assistance, or have any new information to provide, please reply to this email message or call 1-800-247-9753. Sincerely, Jenna
  6. Phone volumes set to full, so that's not the issue. It does seem to revolve around the steering wheel mounted phone button. (I've read where others have the same issues.) just emailed Dodge... cant wait to hear what they have to say.
  7. I can confirm that the phone button on the steering wheel appears to be the issue. I can only receive incoming calls by using the button on the uconnect screen. Is there a recommend fix to this problem?
  8. Another user with the same complaint... Still looking for answers.
  9. I'm having the same issues with mine, as well, though I'm using Android 6. Unpared the device, Performed a soft reset on the uconnect (as per uconnect support), Restarted my phone, Repaired my phone, Still unable to hear the caller.
  10. Another one that's too cheap to pay for radio. It's ok, while the free period is on, but I just loaded my music onto a micro cruiser USB. Now I'm guaranteed to get the music I like.
  11. nitrogen vs reg air

    My wife's Hyundai has nitrogen, it's nice, but had to be charged at the dealership. My dash lit up, yesterday, because of the cooler temps. Took all of 5 minutes to even out the pressure and keep on going, without all the extra lights and alarms. Sticking with air.
  12. Cross Bars

    Thanks, Armando. The eBay listing only shows a measurement for one.
  13. Cross Bars

    Armando, Are these cross bars marked front/rear? Mopar indicates that one (I believe the front) is longer than the rear.
  14. PitCarver

  15. License Plate Holder Front No Drill

    Personally, I gave up on the search for one, for my 17.