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  1. Tire Pressure

    it might also be that the valve stem needs to re-seated....good possibility as the tpms is attach to it
  2. nitrogen vs reg air

    went the other day to have one of the tires check out and asked about nitrogen...long story short at what the tech said was all it is just a fab with nitrogen...go with air
  3. left rear exhaust water leak

    its all normal and even if one muffler drains and the other doesn't it is still okay as one of the two mufflers might have more condensation than the other....
  4. sticking with the normal 87 octane gas at the pump is good …..don't attempt any higher as it may not make any diff on your car but may screw with the computer...e85 translates that in case you don't have normal gas or 87 octane you can use e85 as your engine is compatible to use and it will be fine with no damage happening to the engine
  5. Am I missing a splash shield?

    hey I have a 2012 and there is no splash shield ...I can see the oil filter from the top
  6. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    I would try to go to the salvage yard and some also can gurantee the used part ...might no seem safe since its used but if money is an issue then I would..
  7. 2014 SE getting P0456 code

    sorry how mutch did the dealer charge you for them to tell you it was just the gas cap....what kinda dealer you go too.....I would have though it could have been a courtesy and just charge you 30 dollars or so at max for the code reading …..but whatever...
  8. check engine light

    I think Hankster hit it on the money....had a similar code come up on my 2012 journey and took it to a mechanic ..pulled a code which he cleared twice ...me thinking I had to replace the evap canister but it seemed that the gas cap was still loose making it throw a code …..I will have to mention I did fueled up prior to this happening to me...truth I was a relief it wasn't any major....I say tighten the gas cap by turning it clicking three times , run the car for a bit and see if the engine light doesn't go off then it def something else...in my opinion....process of elimination
  9. Clear Oily Fluid?

    worst case scenario its brake fluid but my guess its condensation coming from the muffler as mention in earlier responds
  10. Paint

    thanks for the advise Bryman31...I will give it a try and see...can soapy water work as well or does it have to be detail spray as per better lubrication?
  11. Paint

    The reason I asked is because my hood feels bumpy and even after I had used polish on it
  12. Paint

    Has any one used a clay bar on their paint job and did you do the whole car or only a section of the car that need it and then wax it afterwards
  13. I had attempted to get underneath the liner but couldn’t find the bolts to tighten them. What am I missing. Have you done this and if do you have any pics that could help me out
  14. The radio antenna base on the roof seems kinda loose to me. I’m afraid that water enters the car through there and is damaging my roof liner. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue if I could possibly do it my self
  15. 4cyl plug gap?

    What is the torque on the plugs ? So I’m a bit confused..should I stick with the original copper plugs or change to iridium?