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  1. Roof mount DVD player with sunroof

    Thanks! I kept searching and searching on here and the results came up nil, or it changed my keywords. Joys of searching from a mobile device. You gave me all the information I needed. Thanks again! Headrest ones are the way to go! Cheaper and easier I imagine too!
  2. Hey everyone, I have a 09 journey awd v6. It is a 7 seater with sunroof. I’m wondering has anyone put in a roof mount DVD player. Is there enough room to mount one? I’d like to snag one out of a dodge caravan. Any ideas or help is appreciated. Main reason I’d like a roof mount is because I have 4 Kids (8,5,3,4 months and we aren’t done according to my old lady). If I can’t do roof mount I’ll do removable cheap headrest ones
  3. Gutting catalytic converter

    Well I’ve been doing lots of reading and think I found it lol, spark plug non-foulers... apparently you drill one out with 1/2 bit, screw your sensor into it, then screw that one into a non modified one, then into the gutted cat, it restricts exhaust flow into the sensor and makes it think the cat is still there working... or at least it works on Rams, chargers and challengers... so I guess I’m going shopping next time I’m in the big city
  4. Journey R/T Custom Exhaust

    Any pics of underneath?
  5. Gutting catalytic converter

    It is 100% different in Canada, still a popular modification on today’s cars. Just wondering if anyone has done it on a journey so it won’t through a code
  6. Multiple problems

    I’m a firm diesel believer, I’ve owned tons and they are always better on fuel and really reliable. If the journey wasn’t a 7 seater I would have found something else and dropped a VW TDI into it
  7. Multiple problems

    Darn! I’d love one here
  8. Gutting catalytic converter

    Deeper exhaust tone, more exhaust flow. Very common up in northern Saskatchewan. It’s fairly easy if you know how to weld.
  9. Has anyone gutted their catalytic converter here?
  10. Multiple problems

    Wait... the journey came in a diesel?!?! When and where???
  11. Radio not getting 12v nor turning on

    I’ll have to check them out! Thanks!!
  12. Radio not getting 12v nor turning on

    After unplugging the dual climate controls and radio that’s what’s left. The blue and black wasn’t connected to anything. When I did the voltage testing with my multimeter one heavier wire was putting out 2v so I did a bench test and put 12V to it and the radio illuminated and made it sound like was trying to accept a disc. I’m wondering if the radio itself is shot
  13. Just picked up my 09 journey for $1,400 Canadian, it has its fair share of issues. While waiting on parts to come in I’ve decided to tackle or attempt to tackle some electrical. Currently the radio does not turn on or make a sound. The previous owner said it just quit. Upon removing the Radio shroud I saw the screws were missing that were used to hold the radio in which makes me wonder if this is even the correct radio for my journey. Anyways I went ahead and tested all the wires in the connectors and not one of the puts out 12V with the key on or running. And yes the M12? 30A fuse under the hood is good. Also there was a black and blue connector not connected to anything that puts out 12V
  14. Hello from sask!

    Just picked myself up a 09 journey for dirt cheap but it has its fair share of problems and that’s what brings me here, that and it has everything I need in a vehicle... seats 7, awd, looks bad @$$... it will be the ultimate dad mobile!