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  1. Hey guys my dadmobile is a 2009 DJ sxt awd v6 and 3rd row seats. I have 4 kids, so definitely needed the 7 seats. I’m looking for ideas for the 3rd row for DVD players. The second row will use screens strapped to the headrests. I have sunroof and roof heater controls. Also the second row has the car seats for my new born and 3 year old. The 3rd just has the base booster seats for my 5 and 8 year old.
  2. Soft brake pedal, bad ABS unit?

    Awesome thanks! I’ll be doing the same, I bought a vacuum pump to help in bleeding the brakes
  3. starting issues

    Weird cut off my post. I used a set of booster cables to ground negative post to the block near the starter and it fired right up with no issues. I believe these journeys cables are too small and need to be upgraded
  4. starting issues

    I recently had a similar issue of non start but full Battery. All it would do is just give one click on the solenoid. Wouldn’t even start boosting it. Read and read and went to YouTube. Some people have been adding an extra ground to the engine block. So tonight I used
  5. Steering wheel not centered

    Thank you, I’ll do a write up if I have any luck recentering it myself. I do all my own work lots of reading and experience from other cars
  6. Steering wheel not centered

    An alignment will get done, money doesn’t grow on trees for me. Get divorced and drug through the courts, lose your house; your truck and be forced to buy a broken vehicle, declare bankruptcy and you will understand. If I can fix something myself or make less work for the alignment why wouldn’t I? To adjust the alignment have to adjust the tie rod ends which are seized on... therefore needing to be replaced therefore costing even more.
  7. Soft brake pedal, bad ABS unit?

    Thanks! Yeah keep me updated. I bought my journey in need of attention and just started to give it the attention it deserves and same issue. I know it’s not leaking nor is it the master because when I pump the brakes it doesn’t get better. I think it’s something simple like a sensor that needs to tell the pump to turn on.
  8. Steering wheel not centered

    From what I’ve read on other dodges that code will show if it sense your steering wheel isn’t aligned for extended period of time. I’ve tried to recalibrate it by turning the journey on cranking wheel to left all the way then back to right then to center. I’m curious if there is another mechanical way To Center the wheel outside of an alignment. It drives perfectly straight just has a crooked wheel now. I’m going to inspect further in the steering column this week.
  9. Soft brake pedal, bad ABS unit?

    Any progress? I have the same issue
  10. I bought my 09 journey 7 seater 3.5L awd last year, it sat for 10 months. It needed all new suspension front and rear, brakes and some bushings. I replaced everything it needed, drives perfectly straight but my steering wheel is off centered. I didn’t mess with the tie rods but I did pull on the hub at one point in time during the work. Is there any easy way to re-center the steering wheel. Because it’s off center it has thrown my esp and bas light.
  11. Roof mount DVD player with sunroof

    Thanks! I kept searching and searching on here and the results came up nil, or it changed my keywords. Joys of searching from a mobile device. You gave me all the information I needed. Thanks again! Headrest ones are the way to go! Cheaper and easier I imagine too!
  12. Hey everyone, I have a 09 journey awd v6. It is a 7 seater with sunroof. I’m wondering has anyone put in a roof mount DVD player. Is there enough room to mount one? I’d like to snag one out of a dodge caravan. Any ideas or help is appreciated. Main reason I’d like a roof mount is because I have 4 Kids (8,5,3,4 months and we aren’t done according to my old lady). If I can’t do roof mount I’ll do removable cheap headrest ones
  13. Gutting catalytic converter

    Well I’ve been doing lots of reading and think I found it lol, spark plug non-foulers... apparently you drill one out with 1/2 bit, screw your sensor into it, then screw that one into a non modified one, then into the gutted cat, it restricts exhaust flow into the sensor and makes it think the cat is still there working... or at least it works on Rams, chargers and challengers... so I guess I’m going shopping next time I’m in the big city
  14. Journey R/T Custom Exhaust

    Any pics of underneath?
  15. Gutting catalytic converter

    It is 100% different in Canada, still a popular modification on today’s cars. Just wondering if anyone has done it on a journey so it won’t through a code