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  1. Yo buddy would like to get in touch with on the lowering kit you purchased. Your red dj is beautiful. Just bought me a 2018 and I want to do mine. E71BE3D4-BBBE-4DD9-8986-9A02C065182A.thumb.jpeg.cdcd44a7d00bddffac2ef9b9842638b5.jpeg

  2. Thanks mate. JW speaker are really good, can't recommend them enough. Easy upgrade as its plug n play.
  3. w/ Eibach Pro Kit

    Its a 2014 SXT 2.4 model. I saw somewhere that the H&R / Eibach have a lowerking kit for the Fiat Freemont. Not sure which model and year though.
  4. IMG 20110729 111458

    my bad.. never knew it came with an ebrake. I have the standard hand brake. Maybe older model? mine is 2014
  5. IMG 20110729 111458

    Is that an auto with 3 pedals? am confused..
  6. w/ Eibach Pro Kit

    Much TLC for this baby. I always polished at Meguire. Yet, there are other brands out there. You just have to find what suits you best.
  7. R4V3N

  8. Eibach Pro Kit

    @lacosiete: That will be overkill for a DJ. Haven't seen one with air suspension before. This will be rather interesting. Good luck mate..
  9. Eibach Pro Kit

    Noted. Will check them after am off from work. Looking at my spec sheet it is the R/T springs. **UPDATES: FRONT (approximate) Height: 12.75" / 32.4 cm Upper Width: 5.0" / 12.7cm Middle Width: 6.37" / 16.2cm Bottom Width: 4.76" / 12.1cm REAR: (approximate) Height: 13.07" / 33.2 cm Upper Width: 4.60" / 11.7cm Middle Width: 5.11" / 13.0cm Bottom Width: 3.58" / 9.1cm
  10. 2014 DJ

    Thanks. Congrats buddy.
  11. Eibach Pro Kit

    I can concur that the Eibach Pro Kit does fit my 2014 DJ (2.4L) HOWEVER with slight modification! The front springs has zero issues. Plug n play. The rear springs is the problem. Although the lower ends of the Eibach springs fits the lower end of the suspension , it is the top side that does not fit the standard "rubber boot" of the DJ. Not sure if it is the correct term (see attachment). To remedy this you will need to find a suitable rubber boot to accommodate the smaller diameter of the springs and the rubber boot must also be able to fit the upper end of the suspension. Another option would be to heat and stretch the upper end of the spring to the size of the rubber boot. Safety issues? Had it almost for 1 year. Time will tell.. Am not sure if it is available for 3.6L engine. Maybe one can enlighten us?
  12. Custom rear diffuser

    Looking sweett Bam!!! Can't wait to see the result. While your at it, gotta smoke them lights! Whats your take in the exhaust? or will you just change the tips? Btw, nice number plate buddy..
  13. w/ eibach pro kit

    For anybody that is interested, the Code Number for the Eibach Pro Kit DJs is E10-27-003-22. Lowers the car 1.5-2". This is only for the 2.4L engine. Slight mod on the rubber boot for the rear springs is required to fit 2013-2015. Not sure for newer model.
  14. Tinting taillights

    Tinted mine Red Candy.. another color option..
  15. Wondering the same. Do you have the part number for the eibach springs.

    1. R4V3N


      Hi mate.. it is the Pro Kit for 2.4 L

      Code: E10-27-003-01-22


      2016-04-20 11.36.20.jpg

      2016-04-20 11.37.08.jpg

      2016-04-20 11.37.56.jpg