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Cooling fans cycling excessively

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Hi all,


I recently became the 2nd owner in the family of a '12 Journey SXT with the pentastar V6 with only 40k miles on it...good enough deal despite my ill-opinion of anything Chrysler.


I've noticed that when the A/C is on or the engine gets to about 194° that the fans start cycling, perfectly normal but they come on for 2-3 seconds then back off for about 30 seconds, over and over.  Is this normal on Journeys?  Seems way too short and the temp keeps climbing (now at 226° in the time it took to sign up on the forum and type this).


After waiting 3-4 mins it seems to be holding at 226 with AC running, 70 degrees outside.


Thanks in advance!

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Not normal, at least for mine.


Obviously no mil light so I would start looking at temp senders. Maybe one is going.  Which one you ask?  Wish I could tell you but perhaps a more knowledgeable member will chime in....

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also check the connections ( the connectors inside and outside of them)i had yrs ago a problem with my daughters car overheating and it was the connector shorting out inside the plastic connector , you might have some Corrosion or a bad connection, also check the wiring leading to and from the fan and the senors or possible shorts or other problems ....good luck let us know what you find even if you get it fixed 

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