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2009 R/T towing

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I bought my DJ last month and I'm getting it ready for my trip to Texas. I will be installing the Curt hitch and I have just a few questions. First will I need to have the re-flash after installing the wire harness? Second, what am I going to be able to handle weight wise with the '09 R/T? The trailer I'm looking at getting weighs 845 lbs empty, if I have a bike break down most that run with my group are around 900 lbs, that's gonna be a combined weight of 1745, am I gonna be able to handle that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

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as long as you dont use the car wiring and use the curt wire harness that runs to the battery you wont have to have it flashed,on the  weight check your book to see what your engine and journey can handle, should be okay but check with your dealership for the final answer if your not sure..... good luck

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