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  1. Roof Rack Rails

    Looks like $27 vis USPS.
  2. Roof Rack Rails

    Great! Just saw this post. Thanks for the interest. Questions or comments?
  3. Roof Rack Rails

    Sold my '09 Journey years ago and found these roof rack rails in my garage the other day. Never used. Should fit '09-15. $100 for the set plus shipping.
  4. stever

  5. Repeated Brake Replacement

    The dealer replaced the front pads and rotors under warranty on my '09 Journey at 20k miles as well. I replaced the rear pads at about 35K miles with ceramic pads. About 60k miles on it now and all is still well. In the past I have owned Toyota's, Honda's, Subaru's and currently own a '92 Miata and a '03 AMG C32. Besides the relatively minor brake problem(to me) the Journey is one of the best cars I have ever owned.
  6. Extended Brake Warranty Notice?

    I did not get a notice in the mail from Chrysler regarding the brakes on my '09 Journey. However I did get the front rotors and pads replaced on the extended warranty. My cost was $50 for the deductible through the dealer. My Journey had less than 20K miles on it at the time. All I did was mention something like, "Isn't there some kind of extended warranty on the Journey brakes?" The advisor checked the vin and said yes.
  7. Any happy Journey owners out there???

    We have had our '09 SXT for almost a year with about 8500 miles. No real problems just the mirror door falling off the visor as others have. I rotated the tires at 6K expecting to see worn pads based on what I have read on here but they looked like new. So yes, we are very happy with our Journey.
  8. My Black Dodge Journey 2010

    It looks great! What wheels are they and where from?
  9. My thoughts exactly! Great job. I am also curious about the upcoming cat back exhaust. Please keep us updated.
  10. Engineering secret... :rolleyes: Small o-rings around the bolts fastened with loctite should hold the correct tension for a long time..... hopefully
  11. The whole center section of the dash come off pretty easily by pulling at the bottom by the edges. I took out the original little rubber top tray cover. I drilled holes in the top tray to fasten the mount and another to run the wire through. If we ever sell the car, I can remove everything and the rubber tray cover will cover the holes. With the center dash section off it is easy to route the wire through down to the power plug. My original plan was to wire up another power plug behind the dash and make all wires out of sight. However because we have two power plugs and by using the top one as pictured, it is almost out of sight so I went with easier simpler wiring.
  12. Thanks all for the compliments. It was my idea but I can't take credit for the machining. The machine manager where I work made the part for me. I painted and installed. :D
  13. Check out my custom set-up: nuvi mount What do you think?
  14. Where do you live?

    Sunny Phoenix, AZ
  15. Oil changes....

    I just changed the oil in our new Journey at 1100 miles this past weekend and used Mobil 1 10w30. The car is a year old from its build date so I figured it was time for fresh oil. I use Mobil 1 in my Crossfire SRT6 and my Subaru WRX. The Subaru just turned 100K miles and does not burn a drop of oil. So I am a happy Mobil 1 customer.