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  1. bigtsr

  2. Hands Free option

    You don't provide much info such as if you have phone buttons on your steering wheel. If you do then your DJ was equipped with BT for hands free operation. It should be as simple as "pairing" phone to radio.
  3. Have the battery load tested. It's a 2012 so may have been installed 2011 and batteries in Mopars typically last 4 - 6 years if you have a good one. When things get erratic that should be the first assumption.
  4. Press the TUNE and BROWSE controls at the same time and hold to reboot Radio/Uconnect.
  5. battery size

    ESS or start stop FCA vehicles are equipped with a AGM battery and heavy duty starters . at least that's what my Jeep Cherokee has on the build sheet.
  6. They are working as designed. The DRL is supposed to turn off when the signal is used.
  7. No radio retains presets and nothing else but fault seems to disappear.
  8. 2v electric outlets out

    You do realize that they have a "TIMED" function , in other words they shut off as part of the battery saver logic in the DJ.
  9. It could be as simple as disconnecting the battery at the Negative jumper point for 10 - 20 minutes to reboot the CanBus. Another point to check and clean the terminals at the TIPM (fuse box under the hood).
  10. This typically normal on the DJ it can be sometimes cured with work on the the gas evap system venting being replaced.
  11. Up and down tactometer

    Yes it is normal , the power steering pump draws the rpm down and the computer compensates to prevent stalling /rough idle.
  12. Try your second fob. If that fails disconnect negative battery post at jumper point for 10 - 20 minutes re-attach see if problem clears up.
  13. Fuel type ///mpg

    Yes 20L/100km is rotten mileage. It depends on several factors such as geography,temperature,vehicle weight and least but not last your driving style in any given traffic situation. AWD does worse than FWD as a rule.