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    2late4u got a reaction from Xenophon in New hitch and Bike rack installed. Only 3 day old at the time   
    well went and picked up  my hitch at ups and did all our stuff today got home about 3pm so i unpacked my curt hitch which wasn't much, got out some gloss black paint to touch up all the scratched spots on the hitch showing bare metal then backed the journey into the garage out of the sun jacked it up put my jack stands under both sides and then put a strap from both sides to help hold up the exhaust pipe sprayed all the rubber parts on the exhaust hangers and started cussing and fighting with getting them off the hangers took about 20 minutes till i got the hang of it( they do sell a tool for removing them for about $18.)then fished the brackets and bolts thur the channels in the underbody then took the hitch which was still a little tackey in some spots and put a couple of rags on top of my jack and then set the hitch on top of them then i taped the two outer spacers into position on top of the hitch with electrical tape then scooted it into position and raised it up was a little difficult, an extra person would have made it a lot easier but no one around so had to make do, got the nuts started and had problem with one side with the spacer slipped out of where i had taped it on ( u tube showed a guy using wide painters tape covering the hole spacer and then just making a hole thur the tape) and i would recommend that instead of using 2 pieces of electrical tape like i did would have saved some trouble i had with the one that came loose.then just tightened all the bolts up even and torqued to 110 ft lb. and then resprayed all the rubber exhaust connectors again and slid them back into position took the strap off and let the journey down off the stands,looking great the hitch has about 1 inch or more between the top of it and the bottom of the spare. looks great and will add the electrical later as i am just going to use it for a small basket on the back for the wife's 3 wheel scooter at a later date.all told took me about 1.5 hr labor not bad for an old man laying on his back. glad i live in alabama as the bottom of the car was real clean and not all corroded  up from the salt like the cars up north i'm sure it made the install easier I would recommend the CURT hitch to any one easy install and looks like a quality piece of equipment it could have been better wrap for delivery but wasn't to bad bad scratched.....
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    2late4u reacted to dhh3 in Driver's Side Visor w/Homelink   
    It is nice to have since you don't have to clip a remote to the sun visor.
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    2late4u got a reaction from dhh3 in Driver's Side Visor w/Homelink   
    my 2011 mainstreet had that in it ,wish my 2014 had it also dont see why getting one from a salvage yard wouldn't work,as all it needs is a power to it...