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  1. It has not been repaired yet, I can’t seem to find where the liquid is coming from. I haven’t identified the liquid either, it feels like an antifreeze but is yellow in color opposed to the usual green, although when I first saw the liquid it did appear more green than it does now.
  2. Thank you 2late4u for your response, I believe you’re correct. I’m pretty sure I remember reading that somewhere as well. Do you think the throttle body error could be related to the moisture causing the ECM to malfunction?
  3. Hi, I’m new to this forum, and am having an issue with my sisters 2009 Dodge Journey. She was in an accident and was hit in the driver front of the vehicle, not a lot of damage in the engine compartment, Replaced the radiator but other than that mainly cosmetic damage. Since the accident she’s having some electrical issues, check engine light comes on occasionally, lightning bolt comes on occasionally, rides rough, sometimes car loses power and won’t start. I think we’ve narrowed down the problem to the ECM. I think this because one of the plugs has moisture in the plug and sometimes has a small amount of liquid in the plug, and after I blow it out with a compressor and dry it. It’ll run fine for about a week, before moisture builds up again and it starts to run rough again. My question is has anyone ever heard of this? And where could the fluid/moisture be coming from? I’ve blown it out thoroughly about a dozen times and moisture/liquid still manages to come back. I’ve covered it with a bag, and it continues to happen which means some how the moisture is related to the plug or computer. I swapped out the computer and it still happened. So I’m assuming it’s the plug that’s “leaking” moisture into the ECM but I don’t understand how that could be possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!