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Found 25 results

  1. I've been having random (what I think are) electrical problems. Driver's window (and only the driver's) is sometimes hard to roll up. I have to pull up hard on the switch (constant problem) Radio occasionally is extremely loud when I turn the car on. Doesn't matter how low the volume is when I turn the car off, it's still very loud when I turn it back on, even though the volume level remains at, say, 4-5. (Intermittent Problem) Cruise control won't turn on at all anymore (constant problem) Climate control randomly turns on or off while driving (intermittent problem) "Back" button on the steering wheel sometimes has to be pressed rather hard to get it to work, and doesn't always register that it is being pressed (intermittent problem) Anyone have any ideas what could cause all of this or what I should look for? I have a '12 SXT.
  2. Have a 2017 journey. Radio suddenly isn’t displaying songs, artist etc. only radio station number. Was told to check settings. Found nothing to change. Any suggestions?
  3. I have an issue I've never seen before. I have a '12 SXT, and the preset radio stations don't work. I took a video of it, but when I select one of the presets, it just takes me to a random station, not actually the one I selected. Has anyone experienced this before? In addition to that, this happens quite often, but when i start the car, the radio is blaring and the volume level (number-wise) hasn't changed, it's just super loud. I'm tired of this hunk of junk. IMG_0130.MOV
  4. Ever since the garage inspected the Journey, and replaced a dead battery, my radio has been skipping. CD, radio, Bluetooth - doesn't matter, they all skip. Is it related to them replacing the battery or not? They claim it's not. How do I fix this?
  5. I had the factory 4.3 infotainment system with no Uconnect or bluetooth and when I was putting the aftermarket Metra dash kit and sub in, I searched for what the connections behind the factory unit were for. Didn't find too much, so if you are looking to upgrade, maybe the pictures I am including will help...
  6. Hello, i am matt and i am pretty new to the journey/dodge topic. Just bought myself an 2010 Journey and did not get any answers with the search for my question. i want to replace the Media Center 230 with a kenwood double din carplay radio. i have: can-bus p.a.c. C2R-CHY4 of course the new radio frame-kit for double din iso - harness to get this workin, i watch a few videos about switching radios on dodges. so far so good, i will solder the harness for that, no problem. But what i dont understand is the two other connectors on the backisde of the 230. can i just ignore them? so far, the 2 green markes connectors in my picture are clear, 1 is the antenna, the other one is the main connector for the radio, with +-12v speaker etc. what is about the 2 rot marked connectors in my picture? what are they for and do i need them for getting the new radio working? thanks a lot for your help =) Matt
  7. My 2012 Dodge Journey SXT climate control/radio screen does not work. I recently did a hard reset, installed a new screen, and an off-market radio and still nothing. Firmware/Software is up to date and no longer under warranty. Any ideas?
  8. I purchased a second hand touch screen for my Dodge Journey single din radio. Can I just plug and play. Or will I have to have dealer do something to initialize the screen for my car ? Ps. Sun cracked my original. Anybody else the same.
  9. TLDR; My radio is lazy, and unresponsive. Volume isn't working, and XM is not working. Will attempt a 'disconnect the negative terminal' trick, per forum discussions. feeling optimistic; will update. Story: As a follow-up to my previous repair tutorial entitled "Cruise Control, LOVE TAP FIX", and my experience as a Alternative Mechanical Repairman (ei, advocate of using the Love-Tap to fix everything from HVAC to Gauge Clusters) I recently noticed my Uconnect 4.3 (2011 DJ) was slowing down, crashing on boot up, and XM/Volume was unresponsive. After boastfully explaining to my wife that 'I knew FCA products, and that a well placed 'LOVE TAP' would fix this touch screen...' I proceeded to give the side of the console a 'THUD' (Just south of the ignition) AND I SHIT YOU NOT THE RADIO FUNCTIONS ALL RETURNED TO NORMAL! ALL WORKING- XM, FM and the VOLUME!... we couldn't stop laughing!!!!.... for about 5 minutes... then it froze again. Oh-well. So today, I check the forums. some folks say to leave the battery disconnected for 30 minutes. Seems legit. I'll do this tonight- and report my findings. I have no doubt this will solve my issue. PSA: I work at GM now... So I get to deal with my coworkers bugging me to switch my ride daily. To them I say "ONCE FCA, HERE TO STAY!" .... Also, it's not in my budget for a new car.
  10. Full stereo upgrade

    Finally made the decision to redo my stereo. May have gone a lil bit overboard but hay what's the worst that can happen lol. Still need to finishing tuning stereo and building trim piece to wall it off but so far sounding good. 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4 15s 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4 12s 4 Alpine 6x9s 2 Kicker 3.5s in dash Soundstream Tarantula T1.6000DL Subs wired in parallel to 0.5 ohms WestCoast Customs WCC1500.1 mono amp made by MB Quart for 2 door speakers to be added later WestCoast Customs WCC1600.4 4 channel amp running to 6x9s in doors Kenwood DDX774BT Double Din head unit XS Power D925 battery 1/0 wire wire Reason i decided on running both 12s and 15 is to have a wider range in frequencies.
  11. 2013 Journey with 4.3s reb radio with Sirius, Bluetooth, USB, etc. quite happy for awhile. The usb port stopped working. the Bluetooth stopped working. Now - every time I go over a bump or small rock, the radio station changes (I can replicate by hitting the dash with my hand). Is it the radio? or is it the Harness? or the Modules? Do I replace the whole darn thing or try to get someone to diagnose & fix it? The dealer in town is notorious for bad service and cheating people ... not going there. So I have to find someone to look at a radio & try to trust them not to screw with me. It's not on warranty - do I buy an extended warranty and then go into dealer for fix? It looks like all UConnect radios are POS - is there a recall? Who are the engineers and can we call them or send them our POS radios in the mail? or is it just a wiggly harness that is stretched too tight - $20-100 fix??? I'd love to have Dodge respond to this and tell me what is really wrong ... it looks like EVERYONE with a Dodge has this issue.
  12. This is a brief walk through to install the Metra 99-6520B dash kit in order to install an aftermarket stereo. Instructions included are not too great and couldn't find anything online so thought I'd do this in case someone else needs help down the road. First start by removing shift knob and lifting bezel with cup holders off. You'll need to open center console to get if off. Next remove storage bin by pressing down then pull towards rear. Remove the clips and add to new hvac controls Install hvac controls Put bezel back on Ii found there a nice open space above stereo you can tuck all the components into. That will free room for stereo to fit in I plan on repainting the silver black so it matches better. But for now this is what i have The red 12 volt accessory wire from the 16 pin connection on the adapter is a output not an input. Doesn't say one way or another on Instruction. So connect the red wire from your stereo and the steering wheel interface. The axxess aswc-1 is pre-wired to be plug and plug but sold separately. It also say to connect blue wire to remote of stereo and that is not needed if you have a non amp factory system. Hope this helps. I will add more info as i remember. Here is picture after painting the silver a matte black
  13. Hello from Atlanta

    2012 Journey with 145K miles on it. First the radio comes on full blast when I start the car, but only occasionally. Went to the dealer and there was going to be some ridiculous charge for the evaluation, figured I could live with it. Now occasionally will come on, the screen lights up, I can change stations, but no sound, stopping the car, shutting the car off, opening the door, closing the door, starting the car up again seems to reset the radio. Now the front climate control blower occasionally won't come on, and sometimes when it is working, the fan controller doesn't set the fan at the proper speed, seems to be bogged down from time to time. The rear climate control works fine. And lastly, from time to time when I start the car, put it into drive, it will not shift out of first gear. Trying to manually shift it does nothing, stays in first. I have to pull over, shut the car off, restart it and it drives fine. All of my car savvy friends are telling me that I probably need the onboard computer updated. What are your thoughts?
  14. I have a 2013 dodge journey sxt,. with the 4.3 uconnect. the clock adds time. Within a month it add at least 5 mins to the clock. I have to fix it every month, what could be causing that to happen? also my change oil light is on, I've followed the manual and it still is not going off ... HELP !!!!!
  15. I just purchased a base model 2016 Dodge Journey with the 4.3 radio. It sux! I want to do an upgrade but the dealership acted like I was a mad woman for even asking if they did that. Someone please give me some advice I'm desperate.
  16. So, I have my phone connected via bluetooth for phone and audio. Its a samsung and not an IPhone. I understand that only the android phones will display text messages when connected. How can I stop the text messages from appearing and interrupting my audio without disconnecting bluetooth?
  17. Have had an issue on my RT with the cruise control not turning on since the vehicle was new. Has been in to the dealer and they were never able to find anything due to it was so intermittent. The radio has now started acting up were the volume control would either ramp down or up. Suspect there is an electrical issue in the steering column. Anybody out there have the same issue. It is really intermittent so haven't tried to have it repaired.
  18. My 2012 has the most basic 4.3 audio system. The other day the radio just stopped playing. Mostly it makes no sound at all, but sometimes turning up the volume will give some static such as you'd hear between stations. It also won't hit any stations while scanning. It's as if the tuner has died. The SAT system works, though. Sound and everything. So that really seems to point to the radio tuner function only. After searching here, I disconnected the battery for a half hour. No change. It's out of warranty. Is there anything else for me to do or check before going to the dealer?
  19. Summary: We enjoy driving our Journey and find the layout and features class leading for the price, but are dismayed with the quality of the components and the dealership's service. Short of cancelling the remaining debt on our Journey, we will never find a reason to by another Chrysler product. Background: When the time came to add a seven passenger vehicle to our family fleet, I started researching online (including this forum) for a suitable candidate. Our parameters were: AWD, occasional 7 passenger seating, comfort for 5, and of course, value. Being a devoted Subaru fan (last 3 new vehicles were Subaru, still own 2), I wanted a Tribeca, but between the cost, complexity of the nav/infotainment system and cost, I had serious reservations. We loved the Ford Flex with Ecoboost, but cost and availablility were issues. We settled on the Journey because it had features we really liked, adequate power and fuel economy with the Pentastar and awesome price and financing. I had considered the known problems identified on this forum and thought surely they would have been resolved by the fourth year of production of this model. Sigh, I guess I'm just an eternal optimist... Pros: - Quiet cabin - Powerful motor (3.6) - Nicely finished interior - Great ergonomics and layout - Easy to use infotainment/EVIC/Uconnect Cons: - Vague handling - Rolly polly ride - Cheapest quality components known to mankind (see following) Warranty issues: - Interior fit and finish on seat components - BCM reflash (dead battery twice) - Satellite radio replaced - Rear differential pinion seal replaced - Rust bubbling under paint on passenger side door and front fender (no chips) - Front brake rotors warped at 40K km Now, while no vehicle is perfect, I have to say this vehicle has had more issues in the last 20 months than our last 3 Subarus combined. The dealership was fine with replacing the radio, reflashing the BCM and replacing the seal, but these last couple of days have put me over the edge. I just got the vehicle back from the dealership bodyshop where they fixed the rust: the paint does not match. It is obvious the door and fender have been repainted. I stopped at the dealership for an oil change and inquired about how to proceed regarding the warped front rotors, specifically if I needed to have the vehicle booked in and diagnosed. After describing the problem, the service rep said no, that it was pretty obvious and I should just call Customer Care if I thought that it was something I should be reimbursed for as it was outside the 1yr/20k km window. OK, I called Customer Care this morning and they opened a file said they "may" be able to "assist" with fixing the brakes as it was outside the warranty window, but I would need to have the problem diagnosed. Grrr. Called the service rep I spoke with: nothing under warranty, would have to pay for the diagnosis. Called Customer Care back and asked, OK, how much "assitance" might I be eligible for? 100%? 1%? Sorry, we can only discuss that after the diagnosis. So, they want my money up front with only a vague possibilty of reimbursement, even to only turn the rotors or put back on the same crap components it came with. Sorry, but I'll fix it myself (seeing as the brakes are no longer under warranty) with aftermarket parts. Chrysler will never see another dime of my money. Now, maybe my view is skewed. Do all Dodge brakes need service at 40k km? I dunno. All I can compare it to is my experience: over 35 years, 11 vehicles (7 makes), and 6 of them new from the dealer, I have never, EVER have had warped rotors or required brake service prior to 100k km. Regardless, I am done with Chrysler products and will make it a point to relay my ownership experience to everyone I meet when the topic turns to vehicles, so as to save anyone the disappointment. Hopefully this review will help those doing their pre-purchase research. Buyer beware.
  20. Hi, just got a 2009 Journey here in the UK, it has a 6 CD AM/FM unit, no uConnect or any of that stuff is fitted, it sits at the bottom of the centre stack. Radio hasn't worked, just white noise, had antenna replaced and stuck my hand up behind it, very tight space, found antenna lead disconnected, need to know what to remove to be able to reconnect it and how, don't rely want to have to pay a mechanic to plug in a cable! Thx
  21. Sometimes when I start my car the radio comes on but no sound. In order to get it to work I have to turn off the car and restart. This works 95% of the time but is extremely annoying. Any ideas on cause and how to fix?
  22. My 2010 Journey has an REU unit that was working for a bit and then just stopped. I can hear the HD running and will occasionally see the screen blink. I had it randomly come on and then stayed off when I started the car again. Any ideas to how to get it to work ? Would disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting help ? Any suggestions would be great !
  23. I realize there have been a lot of issues with 2011 Journeys losing their audio completely. I got my 2013 in October and recently the satellite radio channels have been changing on their own. I decided I would connect to my phone instead and listen the music I had stored. The songs were changing on their own as well. Is this just the precursor to my entire audio system dying due to amp troubles? There have been no other audio issues at this point. Thanks, Julie
  24. How can I upgrade the 4.3 uconnect to add satellite?