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  1. battery electrical issue

    The only way to tell what is draining the battery is to do a parasitic draw test. If something is draining the battery , shutting off Bluetooth won’t help.
  2. It is not your battery , I replaced it 2 times and still had issues starting it a few days later. You need to do the parasitic draw test to see what is draining your battery. Mine just happened to be the radio.
  3. I believe it is M12 fuse under the hood and will be a green 30 amp fuse. As far as shutting Bluetooth off on the vehicle, I’m not sure but you can go into settings on your phone and delete that pairing as well. Since I disconnected the fuse I haven’t had a problem yet but that’s the key word with dodge journeys. I also installed a remote start after disconnecting the fuse and still no issues.
  4. Joirney2010RT I have not replaced it yet, I’ve been just pulling the fuse when parked for extended amounts of time. My plan is to run a toggle switch inside the dashboard to just flip it on and off rather than popping the hood and pulling the fuse. The radio still works as well as the gps so why bother replacing it.
  5. I am having the trouble with battery as well and after reading some things on here I have come to the conclusion that the radio/gps is drawing almost 4 amps while the car sits in sleep mode causing the batteryto drain. All I had to do is perform a parasitic draw test and found the culprit. Now I have to find out him much it will cost to replace.