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  1. Fuel pump issue

    Thanks Armando and everyone Who gave me advice. I took it in for a tune up yesterday morning ran a diagnostic on it did a tranny flush. No codes came up, my spark plugs were completely gone and transmission oil was not to clean. So I go get it back later that afternoon. .with not a single problem or complaint I was talking about before. .took it down the highway drove around town...it didn't do what it was doing before. . Thanks guys, Larryl, 2late4u jkeaton and Armando G!!
  2. Fuel pump issue

    Great another problem..love my dodge vehicles
  3. Fuel pump issue

    Now when fueling up the it burps on me causingthe nozzle to stop..would that be part of my problem to?
  4. Fuel pump issue

    Thanks will try that first Thanks for your help
  5. Fuel pump issue

    What would be the reason for the car sputtering or jumping? ?
  6. Fuel pump issue

    2.4 litre front wheel drive
  7. Fuel pump issue

    Hi everyone. .I'm new to the forum znd have an issue with my 2010 dodge journey. My problem is driving between 60km and 80 the car sputters/jumps it also gives me issues starting like it's not getting enough fuel...anyone else experience this?? Thanks Joe