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  1. So I found the problem! It was not in the wire bundle that passes threw the body up by the lift gate. It was a faulty module that controls the wiring for the trailer hook up. It's tied into the left break light assembly. It has a "T" style harness for the break light and the park light and then is spliced into the signal light. The module is tucked in behind the bumper just below the tail light assembly. I removed the "T" connector and cut the wire for the signal light that was jumpered from the car harness and went to the module. It didnt work right away, but not untill i cycled the car ignition to the on possotion without starting the engine. I'll post pictures when I go back in and clean the area up
  2. I've cut open the loom. Took the tape off of the wires, dropped the liner panel and inspected all the wire run, I don't see anything wrong with the wires anywhere. I've even removed the gromets and looked at the wires there, still nothing. Any more idea on where to look or what could be wrong? Anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram?
  3. Ok great, thanks for the info! Any idea how I get to the loom? Is it in the roof and I'd have to drop the ceiling panel? Or is it accessible by opening the lift gate? Any help would be great. Cheers!
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  5. So what your saying is that the wire harness goes from the right side, up over the top to the left side? Just trying to make sure I understand fully. how would I get to the harness? Is it accessible from where the gate opens? Do I have to drop the ceiling panel? Any help would be great, thanks! thanks for your time and have a great day!
  6. Hey everyone, i have a 2014 R/T with LED tail lights and lost the parking light on the lift gate on drivers side, then the next day lost the parking light (not the break light, that still works now) and the signal light on the same side. I replaced the signal light bulb, hit the lock button on the key fob to see if it would come on and it didn’t. But here’s the kicker, for a split second the parking light flickered. I kept trying to get it come back on while moving the light assembly around and moving the wires around and I couldn’t get it to work again. Meanwhile the signal light never came on once. I tested the bulb and it’s in working order. Any ideas what might be the issue here? Any ideas where to look for faulty wiring? Thanks for for your time people and have a great day
  7. I lost the same light on my 14 R/T, I also lost the parking light and the signal light On the drivers side. The break light works fine though. I pulled the light assembly out and put a new signal bulb in, hit the lock button to see if it would flash and it didn’t BUT the parking light flashed quickly and then wouldn’t come on again. I tried several times again without it coming back on. I took the light assembly back out and moved the wires all around and still couldn’t get it to do it again. Any ideas where to look for bad wires, bad connection or something else?