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  1. Help with Installing Footwell Lights

    @km-04, not yet. Holding off on doing any modifications until its warmer out.
  2. Just got through swapping my dash speakers on my 2014 DJ (w/ 7-speaker Alpine) to the 3.5" JBL GX302, which made a huge improvement in the Highs. However, (as to be expected) my system is currently unbalanced and does not have enough bass. At the moment, I am going to keep the system stock, avoid adding an aftermarket amp into the mix, or a separate sub. With that being said, does anyone have recommendations on a good set of 2ohm speakers for the front and rear doors? I want to avoid going with a 4ohm set and cutting the power output in half. I was considering getting two sets of the JBL GX963 6x9" 3-way speakers since I can get a refurbished pair for about $60 on Amazon (knowing that the front doors only receive a mid-range/mid-bass signal). However, I've read some mixed reviews from other Dodge owners with similar Alpine systems.
  3. Sunroof issue was fixed after the replacement. Picked my DJ on Friday, and had no issues since.
  4. Spoke with the dealer just now, and was advised that they did find a fault in the sunroof module. Apparently, its part of the motor assembly, and not a part that can be individually replaced. Thankfully, its being covered under the 30-day policy, and does not require a warranty deductible. Once they receive the part and install it (later this week), I'll update the thread.
  5. LED Lamp for Rear Reflectors

    Thanks @jkeaton, I tried searching the forum earlier, but didn't use "fog lights" in my search terms.
  6. Was curious if anyone has looked into LEDs for the rear bumper reflectors on the DJ, and if anyone thinks it will interfere with Canbus... https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-Rear-Fog-Light-Kit-For-2011-2015-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-WK2-Compass-Patriot/232477683866?fits=Make%3ADodge|Model%3AJourney&hash=item3620bff09a:g:U7gAAOSwzJ5XbRB3&vxp=mtr
  7. @OhareFred, I was thinking along the same train of thought about the memory issue and a possible module. As for the question about it working if I start it right away, I want to say that it does work in that instance, but would have to test again. I know for a fact that it does not work if ts been off for a while, or if you wait for the car to turn completely off (dash and info panel are off, etc). I'm pushing for the dealer (non-Dodge) to fix it since it was not resolved when I last brought it back in (especially as I am still in the 30-day period). All they did the last time was initialize it.
  8. Help with Installing Footwell Lights

    Thanks @HugoClement, I'll definitely keep that in mind once I get my light kit ordered and shipped.
  9. @OhareFred, just trying to get an understanding what would cause my issue or the need to go through the learn procedure for the sunroof multiple times. I've only had the vehicle for just under a month, and not fully familiar with everything to say what is exactly at fault. As mentioned in the OP, the sunroof forgets how to work properly everytime i turn off the ignition and leave the vehicle (fully off). From there, the next time i get into the vehicle none of the buttons work with the exception of Close. Holding that button down twice starts the initializion/learn procedure. After that, the sunroof will function correctly until the next power off.
  10. Its only the conclusion that I can come up with. I just know that Dodge vehicles have initialization procedures for their sunroofs, and is sometimes needed after the battery has been disconnected. Just don't know what maintains the sunroof's status so that you do not have redo the learn/initialization procedure every single time the vehicle has been completely turned off.
  11. I have a 2014 Journey Limited (purchased last month), where the sunroof does not seem to retain its memory. So far, for the past two days, I have had to re-initialize the sunroof to get it to function again, including venting. Now, I am not sure if this is a matter of me not having the complete/full initialization process, or if a fuse has gone bad (can't find any reference in the owner's manual). What I have done is test the open and vent buttons (the rear two on the panel), and verify if they are working or not. If not working, I will press and hold the close button until the sunroof goes into Vent mode. From there, I will press and hold the close button again until it has fully cycled (full open, to full close, back to vent), and will continue to repeat this procedure until the close button no longer does this (and the other two buttons work). Once that is done, the sunroof will operate correctly until the vehicle has been completely turned off (ignition off, touchscreen off, dash illumination off). Does anyone know what is responsible for the sunroof's memory?
  12. Mark R. Monaco

  13. Guys, I have a 2014 AWD Limited (purchased last month) w/o stock footwell lights, and was looking to add an aftermarket LED set (not purchased yet). The goal is to have illumination either when the doors are opened or when the dome lights are activated. However, I'm not sure where would be the easiest location to tap into the wiring for trigger. Any suggestions?