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  1. Oil pressure

    Make sure there is oil in it if so check oil see if it has any foam in it also coolant see if it's down next could be blown head gasket???? i had journey after they did a oil change oil started leaking from oil filter couldn't see it from top because the broke oil filter cage had it for most of day to repair .this on a 3.6 v6 engine good luck
  2. Traction Control light on after engine swap.

    Was the engine from another journey and did you use same transmission from you journey or ??
  3. ltdjourney

  4. thought i could just slip it out . i know how to get to light by removing fender well liner. but getting to old to crawl around the ground. but i guess that's i will have to do thanks for replying
  5. Anybody have any idea how to remove fog light buzel on journey . want install new led bulbs but i want to remove buzel to do it ???? Thanks for you reply
  6. oil pan threads stripped

    yep yep aluminum you can by a self tapping plug to fit there and be ok
  7. seat cover install

    I also tryed that with my 2014 with no luck. Let us know when you find out how need put some on my 2017 Thanks
  8. 2013 Journey 2.4 and possible head gasket...

    leave rad cap off and let it run and see if it over flows out top of rad . if it dose it's head gasket compression leaking into coolant when it gets hot .
  9. Goodbye DJ!!

  10. LED headlights

    What brand or name did you use please thanks
  11. LED headlights

    I checked my 2017 journey today and mt lights don't go out when I signal. Have third light which is orange and it flashes only??? did they change on 17's ????
  12. LED headlights

    Thanks so do you need capacitor in between the bulb connection. one of the suppliers said you needed to stop flickering ???
  13. LED headlights

    I read that if you make sure that they are canbus there would be no problems ???
  14. Headlights

    Get LED bulbs plug and play for $180.00