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  1. Thanks...the problem has disappeared after replacing the battery and alternator.
  2. Yes, after replacing the 5 year old battery the problem continued until I replaced the alternator, now only the phone pairing problem continues, thanks to all! Happy New Year!
  3. Headlights Dimming and Brightening

    Thanks...in my case it turned out to be the alternator. Now, the only problem I have is with the phone not pairing, all other symptoms have disappeared.
  4. Headlights Dimming and Brightening

    Got a new battery today and its still happening...the mechanic is researching...says alternator is switching on and off as needed
  5. So, I was driving from Western-NY to Central-NJ last weekend and had the following occur: 1. Temps sync'd at 72, heat came out the driver side dashboard vent, cool out the passenger side 2. The phone stopped pairing with the radio and pressing the Phone button on the radio did nothing other than turn red 3. The cruise control stopped working half way through the ride 4. The headlights began dimming and brightening 5. For about an hour, the dashboard display would go dark and the speedometer and tach would sweep right to left to right again like it does on startup and 3 dings would be heard...the car did this about every minute or so and was really annoying...then it just stopped. When I got home, I removed the negative battery cable and waited a half hour and everything cleared up but #4. Any suggestions? I did start another thread on this and apologize for those who have seen it in both places. I don't want to replace the bulbs if that won't fix it.
  6. My 2012 Journey Crew has begun to dim and brighten the headlights noticeably and I'm afraid I'm going to get pulled over for it...has this happened to anyone in the past?
  7. Sometimes while I'm playing a CD or streaming music from a thumb drive in the center console I will hear audible pauses or gaps every few seconds or so and its really annoying. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, was there a fix for it?
  8. Does any one know if you can get raised white letter tires for 2012 Dodge Journey Crew? I'm willing to go to a different wheel size if necessary, as long as the wheels and tires will work with the vehicle...
  9. My 2012 Crew had a similar problem...first, it would not go past the startup screen, the next time I started it, it kept rebooting the system, and then after sitting overnight, it finally went blank on starting the car. I disconnected the negative terminal and left it disconnected for over 30 minutes and after dropping the nut into the battery cradle and spending 2 hours finding it, reconnected it and now all is well.