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  2. Check Engine Light and TPMS Light On

    Hi All! 2015 Journey SXT 15000kms -Check Engine Light and TPMS Light I went out and started the car yesterday and the check engine light is on. Its solid and seems to be running fine... Gas cap is on securely and no obvious issues besides the TPMS also coming on. It came on a few seconds after the car started stating all 4 tires are low but the 2 passenger tires were mega low at 106kPA. The temp did dip down to frost level which I know will shift pressure but that the pressure should go back up once they warm up. The two drivers side stayed the same low level of 208kPA but the two passengers never got above 120 kPA. (The tires all look normal and not flat btw). Would the TPMS issue cause the check engine light to go on? I have it booked into the dealership tomorrow but would like some sort of scenarios or possibilities before I go in. Thank you!!!
  3. 2015 Journey Started and Ran with No Key

    @rolly @BlindSquirrel Thanks for replying! When I arrived at my destination and shut the car of I couldn't find the key. When I closed the door and went to lock it I tried the exterior button to lock on the handle did not work..Assuming I had the key based on the fact I drove there I locked it by pressing the interior lock button on the door panel where you open the windows etc(such technical terms I know lol) @bramfrank I have the factory car starter.. that was the first thing the dealership looked up. I spoke to the dealership and they have no idea wheat could have happened. They, as well as everyone, have never heard about this happening BUT in order to know what is wrong I have to duplicate it again.. so of course I tried last night and it worked like it was supposed too. I am thinking just a random glitch but I am going to keep trying to re-create it.
  4. 2015 Journey Started and Ran with No Key

    @bramfrank Thank you for your reply!!! 1- No the key fobs were both in the house. 2-I have the factory car starter installed @jkeaton @dhh3 @bigtsr Thank you for all of your replies!! The proximity would have been about 50 feet away through 3 walls and a garage door. This did cross my mind but concerns me that if it is working from so far away that anyone could just come and take it from the driveway because it senses the key and woohoo free car!! haha
  5. Yesterday I started my car and drove across town only to get to my destination and couldn't find my key. I assumed that the key fob was in my bag buried or in the car because I drove there. I go about my errands and try to get back into my car but I cant. I figured i locked the key fob inside of it, which I don't think can happen if the key fob is around the car but that's where my mind went. CAA shows up and gets my door opened and alarm blasting off but there is no key fob in sight. I call home(which again is across town) and my key fob is sitting pretty on the counter back at home. My 2015 Journey SXT let me start my car and drove across town with no key in it! My family mechanic and the CAA could not believe it. I cant believe it. Does anyone know why it would let me do that? I was thinking about calling the dealership or manufacturer.. Possible faulty sensor?