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Found 11 results

  1. Evening I'm looking for some help w/ a dodge journey, so far I haven't found anything out of place, no codes are coming up but there is a knock when the engine starts. About a week ago the alternator was replaced, and car was running well. If ya'll could help me out I would really appreciate it,thank you for your time.
  2. Evening I'm looking for some help w/ a dodge journey, so far I haven't found anything out of place, no codes are coming up but there is a knock when the engine starts. About a week ago the alternator was replaced, and car was running well. If ya'll could help me out I would really appreciate it,thank you for your time.
  3. After 24 days I finally got my Pioneer 10” slim sub installed to my satisfaction. My goal was to make it easy to remove so that the trunk could still be fully used for luggage for a family of 5 and to be able to put the back row up without removal. I decided to use large a quick connect/disconnect for my power and ground and a smaller quick connect/disconnect for my amp remote turn-on wire. For those looking to fill in for the low end that’s missing from door/dash speakers this Pioneer 10” sub matched with a Pioneer Class-D mono amp is perfect. It’s also high powered enough to rattle the license plate, if that’s your preference. I ran the power cable from the battery (see previous How To post) down the driver’s side (left) to the rear. I like how easy it is to pop off the trim panels and hide the cabling. It is then routed across the vehicle’s driver side to the passenger’s side (right) under the 3rd Row seat where the back folds. Doing this avoids pinch points. I used a stiff wire hanger to fish the cables through. Taping it on with some electrical tape makes it easy to pull across. I chose the passenger’s side as the location for the amp and sub as the amp’s power inputs are on its right side and it was easier to hide the cables. Note: this slim sub and amp will fit, height wise, under the driver’s seat. It will stick out about 6-8” and I decided against that as it would block the floor compartment and my kids feet would beat it up. The RCA and remote turn-on cables went down the passengers side. I bolted the ground terminal ring under the 3rd Row seats to a bolt in the middle holding the seats down. It was the only bolt in the area without paint. The bolt was too large for the terminal ring so I slide the terminal under and bolted it down with prejudice. It isn’t going anywhere and it’s well grounded. The RCA cables were run up past the 3rd Row seat and then tucked along the channel of the trunk compartment lid. To crimp the terminals for the power and ground quick connect/disconnect I decided against buying a 4AWG crimping tool for a one time use. I used a jack stand as an avil, a torx impact bit, and a hammer. I crimped the terminals on 4 sides and it seems to be holding well. It’s definitely not the recommended way but it’s still safe. My wife thinks it’s large and takes up more room than she realized it would but since I’ve added the quick connect/disconnects she’s happy. Anyone with questions on how to wire their Dodge Journey’s audio system, feel free to ask. I’ve ripped he vehicle apart and learned a few things in the process. Let me know what you think! My system Speakers Dash: Infinity Reference 3.5” 3022cf Front Doors: Kenwood eXcelon 6.5” 3-way - Discontinued Rear Doors: Infinity PR9603IS 6X9" 90W 3-Way Primus Series Sub: Pioneer 10” Shallow Mount TS-SWX2502 Amp Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amp Headunit Pioneer 4100NEX Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto-EQ Mic Metra Turbo Kit - moves the climate controls down and puts head unit where climate was. Requires 4.3” screen (basically becomes climate controls all the time) Access ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control Interface Cables New England Providore 4AWG CCA Wiring Kit with Power, 100A Fuse, Ground, Speaker wire, Remote turn-on wire, and RCA. HYCLAT Battery/Ground Quick Connect/Disconnect Terminals
  4. New Journey Owner!

    Hey there, name is Brandon, just bought my 15' Journey R/T AWD a couple weeks ago. The wife loved the storage and the 3rd row. I loves the R/T and AWD badges lol. Nonetheless, we both are happy about the purchase!
  5. Has anybody had their Journey not start and had to have it jump started. My 2015 only has 4600 miles on it, (7 months old).Went to start it after 2 days sitting in my driveway and it would not start. Called Roadside Assist, had it jump started and off to the dealership. They charged the battery for 1 hour as per their protocol and it passed. They advised they checked the anti run-down and it was also working. I brought it home turned it off and even left the rear hatch unlocked and only closed it (not completely locking it) All the interior lights turned off including the large one in the rear tailgate after a couple of min's. Its the Limited model and the headlights are set for Auto and the Key fob was not left in the vehicle either which I understand might cause the computer to think I am still in the vehicle and ready to start it again which might cause a battery drain. ????
  6. I just received a sub (the excellent 10” Pioneer TS-SWX2502) and amp (amazingly small 1600w mono Pioneer GM-D8601 amp) for Christmas and went to run power through the firewall of my 2015 (automatic/no clutch) and could not locate a grommet that wasn’t in use. I read a lot of threads talking about where there is a 2” one but no one had pictures and I couldn’t locate it myself. After an hour I found it by accident. It’s just to the left of the brake booster and hidden under the rubber mat. Its right underneath the protruding rubber square. This rubber square pulls away and off to reveal a massive 2.5” grommet. From there it’s trivial to wire it to the the posts (near the drivers shock tower). You used to be able to get through the drivers door grommet but that no longer exists on the 2015 (you should avoid possible pinch points anyway). It seems that as Dodge is refining the Journey’s design they’re making it more difficult to install aftermarket accessories. Why hide the grommet at all? It serves as a fireblock but once it’s permanently removed that is no longer the case so why have it there? Anyway, I thought I’d post this to help anyone else installing aftermarket power for an audio system. Hole in Firewall after rubber and 2.5” grommet have been removed: A closer shot. You can see where the rubber mat was removed: From the hood (driver’s side): A closer shot from the hood: The 2.5” grommet (top) and square rubber piece that hides the grommet: Just to show how they fit together while installed:
  7. Picking up my DJ in 2 days!

    Hey guys, future owner of a black 2015 Dodge Journey R/T! Found this forum after doing a little research on what to expect from my recent purchase. I'm a 30 year old guy from a Detroit suburb, and I was just sick and tired of climbing in and out of my 2003 Saturn L200 (I'm 6'3" with back pain, no fun). I started looking around for affordable SUV's and landed on this Journey in a Ford dealership lot. I've always liked the front end look of the newer Dodges, and I was hoping to find something black, up higher, and relatively sporty. With 18,000 miles on it, heated leather seats/steering wheel, Alpine stereo, one owner and a clean Carfax - I was able to close on it for $16,300. I think I got a pretty good deal! Just posting on here because of excitement (I've never owned a vehicle that was under 8 years old), and looking for any feedback from other owners on their experiences and opinions. Thanks!
  8. New to this forum

    New to this forum and new to a Dodge Journey RT. Looking forward to reading posts on the forum
  9. Yesterday I started my car and drove across town only to get to my destination and couldn't find my key. I assumed that the key fob was in my bag buried or in the car because I drove there. I go about my errands and try to get back into my car but I cant. I figured i locked the key fob inside of it, which I don't think can happen if the key fob is around the car but that's where my mind went. CAA shows up and gets my door opened and alarm blasting off but there is no key fob in sight. I call home(which again is across town) and my key fob is sitting pretty on the counter back at home. My 2015 Journey SXT let me start my car and drove across town with no key in it! My family mechanic and the CAA could not believe it. I cant believe it. Does anyone know why it would let me do that? I was thinking about calling the dealership or manufacturer.. Possible faulty sensor?
  10. New from Northern Indiana

    Hello all! My soon-to-be wife and I just purchased a 2015 SXT AWD Journey with 18k on the clock this past week. We are Mopar fans - I've had a handful of Neons / SRTs and tend to not shot outside of the FCA limits. She just upgraded from her 2005 Scion to the Journey and she (we) love it! We are 20-somethings with a couple of dogs and growing careers. We like the Journey as it's a step-up for either of us, gets good MPGs, has AWD, 3rd row seats, and we don't have to shift (first automatic car for either of us). That said, so far we have very few complaints and look forward to small accents to make the car "ours." She'd like to upgrade to some bigger OEM wheels and I'd like to get some camping-esque gear (air mattress, hatch tent, etc. . . ). Now my main complaint - the car is always foggy. She has to blast the defroster to give herself a clear side view and windshield. I've read a few other threads where someone had their slushmat leaking and the floor was wet, someone had part of the A/C compressor replaced under warranty, and others are suggesting the heater core but I've fought that smell and replacement and this doesn't seem indicative of that - no smell or residue. The floor is dry. I haven't checked the EVAP drain near the gas pedal yet. . . Any ideas are welcome, otherwise thanks for having us! Back to the intro - we are all about Mopar upgrades and accessories so if there is an untapped market for this car I haven't found yet, I'd love to hear what's available and what are common / good upgrades and mods for these cars. Oh yeah, it appears to be "Brilliant Red" in color Adam & Michelle
  11. Hi all DJ owners. I have a '15 DJ 2.4L with 17" hubcaps. My question is. What other Mopars (Rims + tires) will fit my model journey? Either just gonna put in some 17" rims, or complete rim + tire swap with 20/22". So if anybody KNOWS what WILL fit for my make and model year, I'd love to hear what my options are. Thanks in advance.