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Found 6 results

  1. The battery in my two Key/FOB is working for only 1 day. I had change to new battery several times and with the same result. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Guys, we bought the car used, and came with 1 fob key, I have decided to buy an oem key from ebay, controlled the FCC ID with the original FOB and purchased 1 for around 35usd arrived recently and today I tried to program it with launch x-diag pro after program says successfully paired, new key locks and unlocks the door just fine but when I tried to start the car , immediatly i got the response 'no keys in the car' i tried pushing the start stop button with fob key trick, it didn't work either original fob key just works fine I tried to delete all fob keys with program, and after that I installed both keys again, same thing, original one works just fine and oem key just locks and unlocks the door original key had 2 buttons only but the oem one has 3 buttons (lock unlock and panic) do you think it could be the issue? FCC ID's are correct though
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a 2011 Journey crew The remote start never gave me trouble in the past but recently it has not been nice. From past 10 days, when I start the car with the remote start in the morning, it doesn't start, the horn honk one time, and the EVIC gives me the message "remote start disabled - start vehicle to reset". Then, when I sit in the car and start it, it works for fine for a couple of hours. My job is about 20 minutes away. When I am done work (After 10ish hours) the remote start won't work, car will sound the horn once and the same message will display. When I get back home turn off the car and then try starting it with remote start, it works fine. There was the engine light on but it went away after replacing the spark plugs but the car continues to have the same problem. *I double checked the trunk, doors, and hood to rule out whether them not being completely shit was the problem but that did not change anything. * I did started using the second FOB from last month because I didn't use it for quite some time (I do not know if this has something to do with the problem). The car locks and unlocks with the FOB just fine. I am not sure what to do... any help, suggestions, or thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Yesterday I started my car and drove across town only to get to my destination and couldn't find my key. I assumed that the key fob was in my bag buried or in the car because I drove there. I go about my errands and try to get back into my car but I cant. I figured i locked the key fob inside of it, which I don't think can happen if the key fob is around the car but that's where my mind went. CAA shows up and gets my door opened and alarm blasting off but there is no key fob in sight. I call home(which again is across town) and my key fob is sitting pretty on the counter back at home. My 2015 Journey SXT let me start my car and drove across town with no key in it! My family mechanic and the CAA could not believe it. I cant believe it. Does anyone know why it would let me do that? I was thinking about calling the dealership or manufacturer.. Possible faulty sensor?
  5. I own a 2013 Dodge Journey CVP. I received two keyless entry fobs with the purchase of the vehicle. I recently lost one of the fobs so I need to buy a replacement fob to have as a back-up. I am looking to purchase one online and get it programmed at the dealer to reduce the cost. Does anybody know if I might face any issues ordering from one of these sites? http://www.keylessride.com/order/chooseremote.asp?make=Dodge&remoteyear=2013&model=Journey https://www.keylessentryremotefob.com/Dodge_Key_Fob_Remote_s/1826.htm?searching=Y&sort=11&cat=1826&f-Dodge=2032&f-2013=1947&show=12&page=1&f-Journey=2719 These are definitely the replacement fob for a 2013 Dodge Journey but I'm hoping for some confirmation from someone who knows better. Any information will help. Thank you.
  6. I have purchased a Dodge Journey 2009 SXT in the uk, however it has only one key fob. I have tried to buy a spear, but the dealer said he couldn't code it because it is the wrong p/n number! (£41 wasted). I am desperately trying to source a spear key without paying the £234 that the dealer is asking for. The p/n of the working key is p/n 05026422AC. Any ideas where I can get one from?