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  1. Door Sill guards

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/151135397178?_trksid=p2380057.m570.l5999&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI151135397178.N36.S1.R1.TR1 i got these. there is NO difference in them vs the ones from the dealership. even had the dodge part number sticker on the underside.
  2. so the one with themes and apps is the older one?
  3. so i have a question. ive seen youtube vids of durangos and chargers. their 8.4 screens have themes and an app section. i dont have any of that. i look on uconnect site and it says mine is up to date. im just wondering if the apps and themes are not for the journey but are for the others? am i missing something?
  4. Door Sill guards

    ive never seen em, i actually just put in the stainless ones last week. they look fantastic and i would totally recommend them. as for rusting i really dont see any way there will ever be rust. the stainless isint in contact with the paint job of the car. its got double sided tape thats thick enough to keep a small gap but its not noticeable
  5. blacktop rim scuff :(

    so i noticed today one of my blacktop rims has a scratch on it. look's like a possible rock flung up and scratched it. has anyone else had this happen? if so how do you fix? touch up black paint? ive never had black rims before so im at a loss LOL bummed out though, haven't even made my first payment yet.........
  6. New Member - 200k Journey

    great post! im hoping to have my journey for that many miles!! im on 873 as of now LOL so i have a looooooong way to go!
  7. my new 2017 is the same. blurriness in the daytime, and grainy crap at night. its still decent enough to NOT hit a car or wall behind me but still crappy. id LOVE to have a crystal clear camera. at least during daytime. i figure at night less light = less visual quality much like a normal camera more light = better picture. if i could swap it out somehow for an HD camera id do it in a heartbeat!
  8. Fuel type ///mpg

    no regular 85 octane. here in Colorado we have 85,87,91 octanes. in some rural areas we have 89 octane ive never used E85. our grand caravan allows it too but ive heard good and bad about it so ive never tried it LOL. and ive always used regular 85 in it too. i guess since its the same engine i should use 87. as for the journey, i guess ill be using 87 then. ill be filling it up with its 3rd tank fill tomorrow too!
  9. Fuel type ///mpg

    i was gonna say the same thing. lol
  10. Fuel type ///mpg

    thread revive post....................... is it bad to run 85 octaine in these engines? im on my 2nd tank of gas. the day i bought the car the sales guy put in 85. i put 85 in the second tank as well. i ask because is it REALLY a bad thing to run 85? i mean is running 87 a scare tactic?
  11. keep me advised......ill keep you advised LOL it cant be too expensive however........found this link. not sure on dealership install prices. id honestly opt to have them do it so its covered in warranty https://parts.moparonlineparts.com/auto-parts/2017/dodge/journey/gt-trim/3-6l-v6-flex-engine/electrical-cat/entertainment-system-components-scat
  12. Start/Stop button removal from dash

    WOW i just started a thread about this yesterday. can you direct me to what trim removal tool you used? im totally going to do this!!! also which red button you used? this is the mopar part # i found.... 6GE11XR4AB
  13. Custom rear diffuser

    a little late but man those diffusers look amazing on the journey!!!
  14. wonder if this works on 2017's...... web site doesnt say
  15. RED push button start swap?

    i did try to ask, but the guy in parts dept was having an off day ill guess..................he kept asking me, "a journey?" almost as if he never heard of it. i casually walked away after the 4th time he asked. LOL