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  1. Oil Extractor?

    i appreciate the write up thank you! yes we have the new pacifica so ramps would be necessary.
  2. Oil Extractor?

    hahah that would be the obvious thing LOL
  3. Oil Extractor?

    do they really come with 4 free changes??? i was not told that how would i find that out?
  4. Oil Extractor?

    i wish i had 4 free oil changes!! i figure at the rate im driving my car (always driving my work truck) ill MAYBE be at 4000 miles at my 1 year mark. so worst case scenario 1 oil change a year even if it is pricey is better than multiple times per year...
  5. Oil Extractor?

    just curious for all you do it yerselfers........ anyone use an oil extractor? id like to save money and do it myself but have no desire or the tools to jack my car up and change it the normal way. some of the guys on the Pacifica forum use them to change oil on their vans, so i was thinking of getting one for our pacifica but thought id ask around here if anyone had used one? i figure full synthetic plus labor at the dealership is gonna be pricey so this may be a decent cheaper alternative. im at about 7 months @ 2700 miles so i figure ill just get an oil change @ 3000 miles to full synth.
  6. AEM DRY air filter?

    i may try it out, even if it lasts 2 years itll be worth it.
  7. first rock chip!!

    yeah you got a point......maybe ill have the wife do it...she has patience.i have ZERO
  8. first rock chip!!

    is there a special way to do it? honestly when i do it it ALWAYS looks like crap.
  9. https://www.aemintakes.com/search/product.aspx?prod=28-20470 just curious really. my friend has one of these in his vehicle. says he cant really tell if theres a difference, but he didnt want to use the oil k&n kind. its not too badly priced for our journeys. figured id ask if anyone has it or used it? its nice cause you can still clean it but its oil-less.
  10. first rock chip!!

    well the car is only 7 months old..........still has new car smell inside............BAM a damn rock chip!!!!!!!!! not a happy camper. it is fairly small but still how do you guys deal with rock chips? ive never had very good luck with touchup paint, maybe its just me? i dunno?
  11. Intake resonator delete

    200 is kinda steep, but it does look goon installed and the sound difference is sweet too! i AM getting one LOL.
  12. Pedal commander

    keep us updated
  13. 6 months old with 2200 miles

    thats what i figured, looks like itll be 12 months at the rate i drive it LOL
  14. so my journey is 6 months old with 2200 miles. at this rate ill barely hit 5000 miles at my 1 year mark. should i change the oil at any point? or just do it whenever the light comes on?
  15. so i programmed the homelink in my journey. programming was easy. HOWEVER......... it will OPEN my door but not CLOSE it. do i have to program the same button for both open and close?