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  1. this weeks MOD

    i bet you did LOL!!
  2. my wife constantly asks me..."why cant you leave ANYTHING alone"? im not entirely sure i know how to answer that question. but i know when i do change things it almost looks better!!!
  3. Top speed

    i was doing 90 the other day and the damn car is so smooth i didnt realize it. id say i was doing 90 for about 1 mile or so LOL. i had my giggles........dropped back down to 75.
  4. LED foglights

    thank you! i have a place i know could install them for me easily with a lil bit of a wait.......im not sure my lazy factor would all me to install them LOL. that being said HOW easy are they to install?
  5. LED foglights

    any pics of them installed and on? how easy was it to install them?
  6. LED foglights

    im HIGHLY interested in getting these. do you have them? if so have any pics of them in/on?
  7. Rear view mirror vent?

    are you sure bout that? mine has no holes on the bottom.
  8. Rear view mirror vent?

    See I asked about the humidity sensor and I was told that it's the little black Square on the passenger side of the windshield next to the Mirror stuck directly to the glass
  9. Rear view mirror vent?

    thats not it, the auto dim is on the face of the mirror itself its a little sensor in the top middle of the mirror.
  10. Rear view mirror vent?

    thats a good question id like to know as well
  11. Vehicles owned, past and present

    81 Ford Mustang 93 Geo Tracker 68 Chevy Nova 4dr 99 Ford Contour SVT 99 Chevy Cavalier Z24 99 Mitsubishi Montero Limited 99 Ford Ranger 06 Scion Xb 05 Chrysler PT Cruiser 11 Dodge Grand Caravan 15 Nissan Versa 17 Dodge Journey GT
  12. i know right he says you have a new car, how about a cool little monitor system. i say sure but why, he says i want the new version when i get my new truck! i looked it up and its a couple hundred bucks. i was shocked!!
  13. Hello from Quebec

    hello from Denver Colorado!
  14. good call. i actually just tested him. i was wrong he is selling his truck to GET a new diesel. his current truck is gasoline and too sluggish when pulling his trailer camper i guess. so it IS in fact a gas model.
  15. a friend of mine has a diesel truck that he is trading in for a new one and he has this OBD II gauge thing he has offered to give me. he says its a year old, and wants the newer programmable model for his new truck. i said OK bring it to me!! used may be used but hell free is free!! its a Insight CTS2. i thought it was a programmer at first till i googled it. strictly a monitor device. now that being said im a monitor freak. and it might look kinda cool having another screen going on haha. that being said. anyone else have anything like this they use? im sure there aren't any cons since its just the obdII port but still i don't want to fry anything if i install it. the car only has 1000 miles on it LOL