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  1. Intake resonator delete

    not at all
  2. IMG 20110729 111458

    thats the E-brake pedal
  3. NO OFFENSE........its a crossover vehicle, not a full blown SUV. the big tires scream "i wish i had a real SUV" but to each their own i guess
  4. 2012 power loss while driving

    WOW throttle bodys are less than 200 usually. 4 bolts holding them in........BAM your done in less than 2 hours.
  5. Cargo Cover AliExpress

    i can vouch for aliexpress....as long as you sort items by seller as in better sellers first you wont have a problem. ive EASILY bought 20 different things from aliexpress. the down side is waiting upwards of a month to receive your items from china.
  6. theres a guy named Adam...........

    you should give em a try. they have AMAZING products. if you have ever heard of chemical guys stuff Adams is similar. ford vs chevy kinda thing.
  7. ............who had an grand opening/open house at his new warehouse down the street from me. i couldn't go because my son was having surgery, HOWEVER i went today and picked up a few essentials for the Journey.... and they threw in a hat for the lil guy too!! LOL not to start cleaning............ anyone else use Adams? if not you should try the stuff out!!!
  8. there are 3 different pages on facebook they are all closed but pretty good pages. as 2late said they all approve quickly. a lot of the times people post in all 3 at once LOL Dodge Journey Owners Club Dodge Journey Fans Dodge Journey Naition
  9. by DRL's you mean daytime running lights? on my car you can enable OR disable them. is that just a US thing? also they guy that did the mod told me THIS is the cable he used. under $100.00 for a sweet mod in total (software & cable)
  10. there is a guy on the "Dodge Journey Nation" facebook page that has unlocked all the SRT menus on his 8.4 uConnect screen. if anyone wants to have a look check it out on that facebook page. it looks like a kinda cool mod. just buy some cable (not sure which one) and download the Multiecuscan 4.0 software and load it up to laptop plug it in obd port and bam. he has a vid of it working on his screen and some little info vid of what he did. thought id share on here in case that guy isint on this forum.
  11. im not sure why, but today i have the bug to vinyl wrap my hood. i think my granite paint wood look good with a satin black wrapped hood.. i know i know its not a hellcat LOL but with the blackout package it might look pretty mean. has anyone wrapped their hood/car here?
  12. rear foglight conversion?

    thats what i was thinking too, but the little idiot inside me who cant leave things alone is slowly taking control LOL
  13. rear foglight conversion?

    price depends on what options you want the lights to do...... but im thinking they will be about $200-$250
  14. rear foglight conversion?

    TAILLIGHT SOLUTIONS is the site.
  15. rear foglight conversion?

    ok so an update............instead of the ebay ones (i youtubed a bunch of vids...those ebay ones are garbage) i found a custom made in USA site. their stuff looks VERY high quality i emailed them and this is their response....... "You are correct, the lamp assemblies will work on your Dodge Journey. I would provide you with the wiring harness, LED bulbs, bulb sockets, hardware, and wiring instructions. It would not be true “Plug and Play” but I would include simple to use t-taps that don’t require you to cut or splice any existing factory wiring. Then after you install the t-taps you would simply plug each corresponding wire into each one to activate the rear fogs. You would NOT need any resistors."