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A month ago I bought a 2016 Dodge Journey with a clean title and went to the DMV to do the name change. But to the days I receive a letter in which they tell me that I have to do other things more for the car was salvage. That car bought it on Craigslist and when I bought it everything looked good. I went to my house and slowly began to find things to the cluster had made some changes, first the tachometer did not work and then The Light of the airbags was off, good not to make the story bigger. I need to know where the location of airbag module is ,,,,

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Had you known the vehicle had been scrapped would you have paid however much you did?

If it was me I would be suing the seller for a full refund (and more) based on his (or her) misrepresentation and fraud and then start looking for another vehicle.  


Why?  Because, for one thing you probably expected to have a new vehicle warranty - and salvage vehicles have none.  Also you have no idea if the vehicle is safe (apparently not if there are airbag issues) and the value is greatly diminished - it also has insurance implications if you were hoping to get 'replacement cost' coverage.

Good luck.

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