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how bad is dual climate control as compared to 3-zone ?

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I am planning to buy a Journey. Looking at 2 options right now -one with dual zone and another one with 3 zone. Dual zone one is way cheaper.

Can someone with dual zone please tell me how has their experience been with it ? Does it become really difficult on extremely hot and cold days for people in the second and third rows ?

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depends where you live iv had both my 2011 had the 3 zone ( front and rear) loved it just my wife and i but i would turn the upper rear vents facing forward and it would help cool the back of my head, that said IF you live in a hot climate ( i live in al) or a real cold climate like Mich or Canada get the 3 zone for the passengers comfort and yours. i now have 2014 with just the dual didnt think of it before i bought it as it is a 5 seater instead of my old 7 seater, it is okay but on really hot days the journey is okay but would be a lot better with the 3 zone also the occasional passenger is a little uncomfortable for a bit till the front air makes it to them. long story short go for the 3 ZONE and you will be happier also the 3.6 eng but be warned with AWD you might have expensive repairs on the rear drive unit if it goes bad

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