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Worn tires and Service AWD light ?

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Hello - new member here.  Lurked for a while, but joined to ask some questions.


So can worn tires cause the Service AWD lights to throw?  My ABS AWD lights went on about 2 weeks ago.  I thought maybe my worn tires up front (compared to the back) might be the cause since they'd be turning at slightly different rates.  I got the tires replaced Monday morning but the lights are all still on.  In my old Ford, I would sometimes have to drive for X number of miles at varying speeds before some systems would reset themselves.  Is this the case here?  I've tried unhooking the battery for a few hours but it didn't make it go away.  My code reader can't pull anything either (I suspect the codes aren't in the PCM).  I'm trying to eliminate anything I can before having to go to the dealer.  The problem with going to the dealer is the nearest one is an hour away so it will be an all day event just to get them to even check the code.  Does anybody know if some more driving will reset it (if it was in fact the tires)?




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Only way to really tell is find out what the actual code is. I've read differing opinions on this forum and other places about how having mismatched tires can cause problems with the AWD systems

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