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  1. wyoram

  2. Oil Consumption

    I have not noticed any signigicant oil consumption on mine. Sometimes new motors will burn a little bit of oil. Sometimes they don't. Just keep an eye on it to make sure it does not become excessive. If it burns more than a quart between oil changes the I would have it checked out. Also check the service department for what they consider acceptable oil consumption. A Dodge truck I had was considered acceptable to use a quart every 3k miles according to Dodge anyways.
  3. 2wd vs awd - pros and cons

    I have AWD and love it. Weather is the main reason for having AWD for me. If you drive a truck in snow with 4wd on and then off you will see why it is better. Yes awd can get a person in a bigger mess because of a false security and it can get you out of a lot of trouble if you do slip up every now and then. Plus I don't like having to switch tires for different seasons. Give me a good all season tire, awd and I am set. So far the Khumo tires on the Journey has done very well for me.
  4. Flexible Seating Group

    The nav works ok for me. But I like my portable Garmin better. The Garmin is easier to input destinations.
  5. Info on Dodge journey

    First off welcome to the club! And HUH? What did I miss.
  6. Door sill guards

    Another option would be to use 3M clear protecrion film(clear bra stuff). probably cost more but should be fairly easy to install.

    Advertising new models seem to be a real weak point with Dodge. I know of a few vehicles in there lineup that most people don't know about.
  8. My journey with new 18" rims......

    I like that style of rim. Kinda "Viperish". I likey alot!
  9. Mine will make the scrape sound too. I think just about any other wiper will be better than OEM. I don't drive mine enough either to worry about it. Also we don't get a lot of moisture were I am at.
  10. Where is my Journey

    I would say a lack of parts also. Last summer I needed some work done on my Cummins and the dealership could not get hardly any parts for anything and did not even know when they would be able to get them.
  11. For the most part I like it. I like the grill the most. The smoked lights are a nice touch too. I don't think I would like to have the fronts smoked. Kinda like to see at night. Now the tails look really good. I don't care for the black rims. Never have really liked them. Every now and then I will see one I like. It is your car and you do what you like.
  12. Leaking Sunroof

    So far mine has good. Yeah I have heard of car companies checking forums. Mostly to void warranties is the rumor I hear. Kinda like posting a vid of street racing and getting arrested. Any other updates on others?
  13. Fog Lights - Useless

    I have never found fog lights to be "fog lights". Maybe it has been the vehicles I have had. But I do not see a vast improvement in vision with them on and can't see why they are called fog lights. So on that note my fog lights are normal to me.
  14. some questions about the new dodge journey =)

    I have the 3.5L and have the oil changed when the oil change indicator dings. Normally I change my oil between 3-5k miles. Not sure what that converts to. I still have the lifetime warranty and if the motor goes kaput, hopefully Dodge will honor the warranty if it is oil related. Although I probably won't keep the Journey for that long. I usually switch vehicles every few years.
  15. Sliping tranny

    I haven't noticed that with mine. But I had a Dodge Ram auto trans that would do that if it didn't move for a while and that was normal for it.