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  1. P2302 & P0300 Codes

    Checked all the wiring and seems to be good.
  2. Misfireon cylinder one

    Did you find out the problem with this? I think I am having the exact same issue. Here is my post https://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/11421-p2302-p0300-codes/
  3. P2302 & P0300 Codes

    Here are the codes
  4. P2302 & P0300 Codes

    Hi Everyone, I own a 2009 Dodge Journey 2.4L. My check engine light came on about a week ago and after a couple days it started flashing and the engine throttle down (barely do 40-50km/h). I was close to home so I limped it back home. I had a friend come over with a code reader and it was giving us random misfire codes and crankshaft position sensor codes. So I bought a new crankshaft position sensor and replaced it. When starting the vehicle the check engine light was still on, the engine seemed to start normally and then after about 30-60 seconds the check engine light would start flashing again and the engine would throttle down and start shaking. While the engine was shaking we pulled the wires from each coil pack one by one with the following results: (Right to Left) Coil Pack 4 - Engine would die out Coil Pack 3 - Engine would die out Coil Pack 2 - Engine would die out Coil Pack 1 - No change - engine still running We assumed that Coil Pack 1 was the problem, so I bought a new one and replaced it. After replacing, still have the same issue. Did not have the code reader at this time, so we figured that maybe the codes needed to be deleted and that may solve the issue. Had my friend with the code reader over today and checked the codes before deleting them and only got 2: P0300 - Random Misfire Detected P2302 - Ignition Coil "A" Secondary Circuit We deleted the codes and the issue still remains. Start engine, check engine light is on, after 30-60 seconds it starts flashing and then the engine throttles down and starts shaking. (Appears to be running fine when first starting) Got to thinking and tried the following: While engine is throttled down/shaking, pulled wires on Coil Pack 1 and same as before, No change - engine still running, so I thought hmmmmm guess the coil pack may not have been the issue cause its still doing the same thing. So I got to thinking, i'm gonna try this when I first start the engine and it's running properly before being throttled/shaking. So when I pull the wire from coil pack 1 right after starting, the engine dies out. So it seems that the coil pack is working or receiving power before the engine light starts flashing but does not seem to be receiving power after because when I pull the wire after, it has no effect on the throttled/shaking engine. So I am at a loss now as to what to try. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!